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Still Daisy's POV

"Well, remember how we had promised to tell nothing but the truth to each other before I left for Cali?" I asked fidgeting with my infinity knuckle ring. "Yes, why?" He asked. I can see from the corner of my eye that he tensed up. "Well, in Cali I cheated. I had sex with Wes. Im so sorry I wish I could take everything back.I also have a son." I sighed and began to cry. I felt like punching my self for being so darn emotional. "Is the kid his?" That was all he asked. "Let me explain, I cheated and we -" he cut me off. "Is the kid his?" he said so stubbornly. "No but-" he cut me off again. "Who's kid is it?" He asked

"Well he's not my biological son but 3 years ago my best friend was a teen mom. When she was giving birth to her son the doctors told her that once the baby was out she wouldn't live so long but about 1 minute or so. She signed the birth certificate with my name listed as the baby's mom. The baby's father was a douche and he left her. Her mom, she didn't get along so well and I was her only option" I sighed. "Oh" was all that left his mouth as the car stopped. I looked outside and saw a beautiful party place. I was confused because didn't he say he was taking me to eat? oh well. Niall got out of the car and headed over to my side and opened the door. I stepped out not saying a word as we walked inside the beautiful place.

I cleaned up my makeup and went inside. It seemed dark as I looked through the windows. Niall opened the door with a stern look. "Surprise" was all I heard as I walked inside. "Welcome home Daisy" I heard harry scream. "Haz, oh this was the party wasn't it.?" I asked. "Well yes it was. Every missed you and I thought why not throw you a welcome back party" he smiled. "Thank you some much. I love you so much." I said while hugging him. I thanked everybody for coming and gave them a hug. At this point everything was going well. Everybody was partying. I of coursed enjoyed myself.

I was about to take a sip of my drink when Liam pulled me into a room I didn't even know they had. "Hey don't do that. You nearly gave me heart attack" I said. "What's up with Niall" he stubbornly said. Sheesh is everybody being stubborn today? I asked myself. "What do you mean" I asked confused. "Well he's not even enjoying the party he basically planned for you. I asked what was wrong but he was too drunk. He mumbled something about you and I'm worried."

"Wait harry said he planned this. " I said. "He was kidding". "Oh, well what had happened between Niall and I is that in Cali I was cheating on him with Wes and I had uh sex with him and I told Niall I have a son. You remember Jonny. I told him all of this minutes before we arrived and he hasn't spoken to me since then." I said. "You cheated? " he asked in shock. "Yes, and I'm sorry." I sighed. "Daisy" he whispered. "What?" I asked.

"Niall was never the girlfriend type. He rarely had girlfriends because they always used him. He was super nervous about dating you. He asked for advice on how to ask you out. The day he introduced us I acted like I didn't know but I did. I encouraged him because he never acted like this about a girl" he finished. "Liam, you have to help me get him back. I'm sorry about everything I did behind his back" I felt a warm tear slide down my cheek.

"I'll try but this hit him hard. He's never drank so much. But let's go get him because he's crazy when he drinks" he said while wiping my tears and heading toward the corner Niall was supposedly sitting in. As we got closer to the corner Liam screeches like a girl at the sight of an empty chair. He let go of my hand and ran around asking where did Niall go. Everybody said they didn't know. Liam dialed his number, but no answer.

Niall's POV

I was driving in my car feeling a but dizzy. Who was I kidding, my head was spinning like crazy. After Daisy told me that news I grew mad. I had trust issues when it came to girls. I never had an actual girlfriend who actually loved me for me. They always used me. After years of having trust issues upon the fact of having girlfriend I decided to give Daisy a chance. She was beautiful and I felt like I had to make her mine. Everyday after the first day we met I used to bug Liam about how should I ask her out. Should I ask her our or should I stay single and all the stuff. I haven't lied to her and she lied to me. We promised but I guess promises mean nothing. I drowned my sorrows at the party and now it wasn't paying off.

My phone rang with the Caller ID 'Liam' blinking on the screen. I ignored it. I knew he was wondering where I was or something but I needed some alone time. I was tired of being tossed around like a rag doll. I cry alone in the showers sometimes because I know I'm not loved by the people I need to be loved by. My fans keep me strong and I wish I can tell every single one of them. I avoided those thoughts and focused on the road. I took a sharp turn on the road and it wasn't my light nor was it my lane. My phone rang again, I looked down and saw Caller ID Liam on the screen. I ignored it and looked back up on the road to only see a car coming towards me. I quickly stepped on my brakes but the car was still speeding. The car crashed right into me.

My vision was blurry for a second but cleared up after awhile. I felt a cold liquid drip onto my hand. Since it was dark I couldn't make out what it was but the headlights of the other car shone upon it. It was my blood. I felt dizzy, my sight was going blurry. I felt around for my phone but couldn't find it. I heard sirens from a block away. My sight was going dark, I had found my phone. Before I had the chance to call someone my sight went dark. "Tell daisy I love her" was all that left my mouth before it went dark.

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