Interview with DarkLight911

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Hia(: This is my interview with DarkLight911. Check out her story "One Night with You" <3 Thanks!

1) How did you find Wattpad?

I found wattpad when one of my readers from a different app suggested I come on here and promote my work, and I'm glad I did :)

2) What is the first story you have ever wrote?

My first story I have written and still writing at the moment is 'One Night With You' I'm very proudly that book.

3) How do you come up with your story ideas?

I come up with all sorts of ideas whereever I am and when I do I like to jot it down in a notepad so I can remember it later when I'm writing.

4) Is there anyone that inspired you to write?

Possibly everyone I know inspires me, everyone I come across... Even the tramp on the street, and my best friend. Although my one lucky charm is my fiancé.. He is always soo supportive and that inspires me to keep going, even when it gets tough and I love him for that.

5) What are some of your favorite authors?

My favourite authors at this minute are Rachel Vincent, Christine Feehan and Robin McKinley. But that could change I'm still young haha.

6) What do you do when you're on Writer's block?

Ahhh, the awful stand still of a book, don't you just hate when you absolutely can't for the love of you think of what to write next? I personally like to take a few minutes even hours, go out, hang with friends, text, anything that takes my mind of the book. I find it alot easier for ideas to find me when my mind is empty like a clean slate or page.

7) Do you spend more time writing or reading stories?

Ahaha, writing. Always, I don't read so much anymore. Ever since I started college I've just not really had the time to properly pick up a book and read it.

8) What do you plan on being when you grow up?

I'm twenty this summer, so I guess I wanna be... A child again? Nah, just kidding.. I would like to be a professional writer before I'm forty, gives me twenty more years :)

9) Name some of your favorite bands/artist.

I love this candanian singer, Roz Bell. His voice just whisks me away, I like Jessie j, n-dubz, kelly clarkson, nickelback, linkin park... Really there's too many.   

10) If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

If I could live anywhere? It'll have to be in the arms of my man, always.. (awwh<3)

11) How has Wattpad helped you with your writing?

Oh my god, Wattpad has been awesome. The other writers are really nice along with all the other people on here. Wattpad has hugely improved my confidence and helped me gain peace within myself through my writing.

Author: DarkLight911

Interviewed by: xxxMariri555

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