After I checked twitter I went on Skype to see who from Cali would Skype me and the only friend I have on Skype is my mom.Turns out she was on Skype to so I decided to call her. .........*ringing*............ "Hey baby girl" my mom says when she answers the call "hi mom" I say back "how's school I heard from a little birdie that you stood up for someone you just mean and nearly put a jock in a coma!" she say at this point I'm smiling so much it hurts! "grandma told you didn't she?!!" I said more of a statement "yup so what happened??" my mom asked "well I'm going to start from the very beginning so pay attention!!" "okay okay start with the story now please!" "MOM okay so this morning when I was walking to school someone else was late so he pushed me into a bush but didn't know who I was and didn't help me. in my first class I had to sit by him because that was the only seat and he told his friends 'look at the new kid isn't she supposed to be wearing short and a tank like all the other girls do?' so me being me I bud into his conversation and say 'well maybe there's a reason for it' and he says 'well where are you from cause you look like you've never been in hot weather before from what your wearing' and I fought back with 'I lived in California my entire life and never even seen a picture of my grandparents so I came with my mom to meet them and since I have no friends she thought I might make some here because this is we're she grew up' and then some other stuff and we became friends I found out his name is Ashton and he had 3 other friends. Their names were Calum,Michael, and Luke and since I was new they took a look at my schedule and I was in every single same class as them and my locker was right next to Luke's locker so when I was walking with him to my locker there was this giant and I mean beast guy who looked like he was about to kill Luke so when he slammed Luke into the locker and held him by the neck I jumped on the jock he let go of Luke I put the jock in a headlock and be fell down I grabbed his arm and twisted it and put it so were it was bending and I put pressure on it and pushed him to a locker and whispered to him to leave the boys alone.! then the principal showed up and suspended me for 2 months I think but it was so worth it cause when I showed up for class the teacher was all like 'Detention for being late and distrupting class' and I told her off then went to the back to tell the boys something and came back home now here I am and I'm glad that I'm suspended because now I can write more and I can post more covers!!" I said out if breath cause I talked fast. "So what your telling me you did this for someone you just met and now you're suspended for about 2 months!" "Yup" i said popping the p "Why on earth would you do that for someone you dont even know??" "Because maybe i wanted afriend those boys are more than likely going to be the only friends i have at this school" i stated then she said she had to go and we said our goodbyes.

It was already 4pm nan was in the kitchen cooking when i heard a knock on the door "I got it nan" i yelled "thank you sweety" she said back. when i opened the door i saw my new friends..... i hope. there at the door was Ashton Michael Calum and Luke. Luke had a busted lip and it looked pretty fresh to. "Whoa what happened to him.?" i say pointing to luke."that jock that you took down got back up basically"Calum said. I grabbed my jacket and put my boots on and yelled to my grandma "nan iiim goiing for a walk ill be back in about an hour""okay sweety are you going to go check out the neighborhood""umm yeah i wanna make some new friends so im gonna go check it out and hopefully make some new friends""okay bye sweety be careful""okay bye nan and i will"i said to her and walked out of the house with the boys following.

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