Marry Me? (A MB Story)

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Y/N: ((Age:17)Your a girl who like to study instead of party like some of your friends, Your parents seperated after you were six. You never drink or smoke or had sex.. You wanna be like everyone else.. But do you really wanna be?

Raven:((Age:17))She's a girl who parties but can study when she gets home. She hates to be messed with and she will fight. Her parents separated when she was 12. she doesn't smoke or drink or had sex. People try to make her drink or smoke but she declines and She adopted a little boy named Kendrick.((He's 4))

India:((Age:17))She's a girl who parties, smokes and drinks when she was 10 her parents died in a car accident so she lives with her older brother. She haven't had sex but the way she dress.. Your kinda surprise.

Sarai:((Age:17)) She's a shy girl. Her and Raven have been friends since they were born. She studies and never go to a party except little kid ones. She hates some girls but she just love Raven's adopted son Kendrick even though he acts mean around her.

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