Chapter 1

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"Amy! Wake up!" My older brother yelled.

He's extremely protective of me. After my dad left us without a trace when I was 6, my brother, Josh, decided he was practly going to be my fauther figure.

He's 23 and I'm 20. So 3 years older. He's fantastic. But also extremely annoying.

"NO! Please! Spare me! The morning is evil!" I yelled back.

My mom is always working. You know, supporting the family. It must be hard being in her position.

"It's not morning, stupid. It's noon." Josh says coming into my room.

"Please? Four more hours?" I beg.

"Nope. You have work in 20 minutes." Josh chuckles.

Farther? I think so. Reminds me of work and such. Makes me save my money and also even takes my phone away when I'm being, 'naughty'

"Crap! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!" I scream as I struggle to change my pajama pants and put jeans on.

"Be down stairs in 5 minutes! Ill get the car started," He said running down stairs.

I put a regular black shirt on top of my tang top and run out the door.

"Don't forget your shoes!"

Oh yeah. I kinda might need those.

I run back inside and grab my flats and go back in the car.

"GO! DRIVE! DRIVE! DRIVE!" I scream as Josh turns off the breaks and goes really fast.

Finally I arrive at work.


"Bye bye! Love you!" I say as I jump out of the car.

"Afternoon, Holly." I say as I put my apron on.

"Your late." She simply states.

Well moring to you too.

"Sorry it won't happen again," I say apologizing and ignoring my rude thoughts.

"Go, and work now." Holly says.


Finally work is over. I actually hate the smell of coffee and the taste. It's just gross to me.

As I began to walk out I saw a man about my age and he looked really depressed.

No. Amy don't do it. He's fine.

Ignoring my thoughts I began walking over there.

Stop! Please! Remember what happened last time!? Go before it's too late!

"Hey, you okay?" I ask the man while sitting infront of him.

Too late.

"Yeah, thanks. I'm fine." He says.

"No your not." I state. It's obvious.

"How can you tell?"

"Your looking down at the ground, you arnt smileing at anything, even me, your eyes are watering up and I can just tell. You have the sweetest sadness in your eyes."

Wow Amy. Now he's going to think your a freak.

He glanced up and smiled at me.

"Do you want to talk about it?" I ask.

He chuckled a little bit.

"I don't even know your name." He laughed slightly.

"Oh yeah sorry, Amy." I said smileing.

"And I'm Harry. Harry Styles."

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