* a week later; the day before Carla and Jake move * 

"Well, Carla we're gonna miss you around here" I said pouring Carla, Zoey and I some coffee. The guys went hunting, we wanted to go. But apparently they 'need' guy time. Whatever. 

"no your not" 

"yeah, we are. We've grown quite close this past week. We're like family" Zoey said elbowing Carla 

"you think so?" 

"yes! We'll go shopping to fill out that closet of yours after you've settled in" I said sipping my coffee. 

"sounds good" She said stirring her coffee. Carla's mate power is she can see the future in drinks. It's really cool. Her face went blank. 

"Is everything okay?" I asked 

"Oh... yeah.. just peachy" she said looking up at me.. mournfully. Zoey knows this without looking in Carla's eyes because her mate power is seeing your aura that gives away your emotions. Zoey caught my eye and shrugged. Carla was hiding something from us.

The guys came back empty handed. Noobs. They went down the hall to the game room to watch football. I made popcorn and took sodas for them when I heard them talking about girls. I was curious so I stood by the door, which was slightly ajar, and listened for a while. I knew I shouldn't evesdrop but I couldn't help it. 

"Talia got pretty hot, last time I visited she was a short pudgy girl" Jake said 

"So did Jessica" Garett said 

"yeah, I'd like to have her as a mate" Bradley said. Ouch that hurt. 

"Dude..that's low, you have Saviour" Garett said 

"Yeah when we were little, I was always hoping Saviour would be my mate" Jake said 

"All I'm saying is I would have preferred Jessica over Saviour" 

"Tha-" Garett started to say but was cut off because I dropped the tray I was carrying. Glass shattered by my feet, I got cut but nothing could compare to the burning feeling of my mark and my heart. 

My heart broke. Literally broke into a thousand little pieces. I choked back a sob. 

"Shit" I heard Bradley mumble I ran down the hall. Hot tears streaming down my face. I past the girls and ran straight to the deck door. 

"Saviour?" Zoey asked alarmed standing up. 

"Fuck, I knew it.." Carla mumbled 

"What's wrong?!" Zoey tried again 

"You've fuck up Bradley. Really fucked up, I should've told her" Carla whispered to herself, I stopped and sobbed loudly. Before shifting and jumping through the open door. I felt my feet touch the ground and I ran through the Forrest. I had the ability to mask scents so I masked mine. I wanted to be alone for a while. I knew it was dangerous to be out alone considering I'm the rarest wolf out right now but I didn't care. I had to run away at least for a while. I heard Bradley try link me but I blocked him out along with everyone else. I stopped on the hill and looked at the house where I saw my friends standing on the deck, Zoey yelling at Bradley. This is why I love her. I howled a long deep mournful howl. I know they heard it cause they're heads snapped up in my direction. I ran harder than I ever ran before, faster than before. I ran all they way to my secret cave. Nobody knows about this cave but me and Zoey. Hopefullysheforgot about it. We used to come here a lot. It was still filled with our paintings and a few  blankets. The beanbags still in the corner. I shifted back, I grabbed the oversized tee-shirt and threw it over my head. I pinned my hair back and grabbed my painting stuff. I started painting, I ended up painting a  pure white wolf crying in the corner that faded into a picture of Bradley with a girl, It wasn't me, it was Jessica. I looked at the beautiful painting and screamed. I let it all out. I managed to punch the cave wall, breaking the rock that was once there. I heard rocks moving outside and I knew that Zoey ran off here. I masked her scent and her trail. 

"Hey, knew you'd be here" she said sitting with me on the multiple beanbags. I hugged my knees closer to myself and let out a shaky breath. 

"I was hoping you would have forgotten this place. we haven't been here in years" I said quietly. 

"I see you haven't self harmed.. that's good" She said hugging me. 

"No, but I did punch the wall" 

"And how did that work out" I pointed towards the hole in the rock. 

"And you didn't feel that?!" 

"nope.. I was angry... I painted another picture" 

"Can I see it" She asked gently like I was a little kid that could cry at any moment. I nodded and stood up going over to the painting that I shoved on a ledge. I brought it down and looked at it again. It really was beautiful. 

"It's  beautiful. How is it that you can paint such amazing work when your upset but can't draw worth shit when your happy?" She asked chuckling. I let out a small laugh with her. 

"there you go.. your laughing again that's a start" She said smiling. She always knew how to cheer me up, She'd be a great mother someday. 

"I can't talk to him yet. It hurts me too much to know he said that, even without the intention of me hearing" 

"He's really beating himself up about this. He can feel your pain. He's a wreck." She said putting the painting down. 

"I'm staying the night here, you can go home" 

"Are you sure?" 

"yeah, Garett will miss you too much, Besides I want to be alone" 

"okay" she said, It was about midnight now. She started to leave before I stopped her. 

"Hey, promise me you won't tell anyone where I am" 

"I promise" She said leaping down the side of the mountain. I walked over to the pile of beanbags and tried to get some sleep. I knew it would be impossible to sleep without Bradley here. I missed him. what he did was wrong but I still love him. It sickens me that I can still love him after he said that.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -  - - - - - - 

AN: short chapter but I had to upload something. I absolutely love this chapter. <3 

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