District 1 Female: Avarice Affinia (@GhostOfGamesPast) *DEAD*

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Name: Avarice Affinia. Not Avvie; Leo used to call her Avvie.

Age: Seventeen

District: 1

Gender: Female

Past Games: Fantasy of Fear, by RappyTheDinosaur

Appearance: Though it is still easy to see that Avarice is pretty, she has lost the eerie, cookie-cutter perfection that used to perfectly define her appearance; death does that to you. Her skin has lost the flawless vitality it once had, now almost sickly in its paleness, with big purple bags under her eyes. Her hair, which used to be a beautiful gold waterfall, has grown dead at the ends and hangs limply from her head. Nonetheless, most of her features remain beautiful and elegant, such as her elfin ears, button nose, model-like frame and luscious lips. Her eyes, still as beautiful and stormy grey, have lost the fiery dedication that used to be her trademark. Nowadays, they are dull and resigned, and seemingly nothing can bring that back.

Personality: Although she is still ruthless and manipulative, Avarice is ten times more cautious than she used to be. Ever since her charms failed her and left her to die, the young woman has realized that they are not infallible and no longer blindly believes that everyone will fall for them, making her extremely dangerous. Through death, she has developed a strong sense of right and wrong, but this does not make her feel guilty about her actions in her past Games; her life is the ultimate right, and everything is justified if it helps her keep it.

Token: A locket with an old picture of Rubyn, her semi-boyfriend at the time of her Games, and Leo's tribute photo.

How they died: Avarice placed fifth in her Games, when the boy she was manipulating, Leonidas Barca, realized her game and stabbed her right in the back like she'd planned on doing to him.

Most important friend/family member: Her mother; Emerald Monroe, a past victor. During Avarice's last Games, the woman said something to her which she intends to live the rest of her life by: "I named you Avarice, and do you know what that means? It means always wanting more, and never giving up until you have everything you want."

Other: Her chest is very much intact.

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