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Fionna POV

Me and Marshall are walking around the park holding hands and just laughing about random things. It's been almost a month ever since we got back together. No, I'm not a Vampire because Marshall refuses to change me.

He said that I'm only 17 and should think about it before I regret it later on. Even though I'm sure I won't.

Cake moved out of the tree house and in with Mono. Also she's pregnant and I'm going to be an aunt soon.

Gumball is better now, too. He started dating Chocolate Princess. I think he's Starting to understand that me and him are just friends.

Ice Queen (I know not a friend but whatever): She has been pretty ok lately so nobody has been in real danger.

Flame Prince (Also not a friend anymore): He appeared again a week after me and Marshall got back together but he got thrown into a dungeon.

Justin: He hasn't talked to me ever since we broke up but he also didn't totally ignore me. He talked to me when it was necessary.

Well yeah that was pretty much everybody but now back to me and Marshall. We've been pretty happy lately and we also decided we're going to move together soon once we decide where.

"Hey? You ok?" Marshall asked me.

"Yes. I'm just...really happy."

"Me too. I don't know what I would do without you. I love you, Fi."

"I love you, too."



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