But I Love Her..... (gxg)

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To anyone that reads this, thanks. This is my first real story so I hope you enjoy!

Before I tell you anything, I'll explain. My name is Samantha, although most people call me Sam. I'm a freshman in high school, and I'm gay. I wouldn't consider myself drop dead gorgeous, but I'm pretty attractive. I love music and I'm pretty outgoing. Most say I have charm. I know for a fact I'm hilarious. I'm Mexican-American but I'm a little on the lighter side. I have brown eyes and long, very dark brown hair. So here's the deal. I have two crushes. One is a senior, and one is a junior. As you can see I'm a little bit attracted to older women. The senior's name is Alexandra, but people just call her Alex. She has very short, slightly curly hair, long enough to cover her ears but not long enough to pass her jawline. She looks like she is mixed with some kind of asian but I know she isn't. She is so hot it hurts. He dresses feminine and wears makeup. She is a little taller than me, like an inch or two.The best thing about her is that she's in marching band.
I completely and totally LOVE marching band.
Anyways, my second, more serious crush, is Summer, the junior. Summer is black and korean. She is 5'7, which is how tall I am, but she's so tiny. Her waist is enough to make me say damn. Those curves. Ugh. Don't even get me started. That beautiful, seemingly always straight, brown hair flowing just a few inches past her shoulders. She was skinny, but not overly skinny to where she looked unhealthy. Boy was she a beauty. Amazingly, she was also in marching band. Well now that you know the details about who I'll be staring at, I'll go on with the story.

I was suddenly thrown back into reality. Was I staring again? Damn.

I returned my gaze back to Lily as she smirked, knowing exactly what I was doing.
"You're such a stalker!", she said while playfully slapping my arm.
"Shut up! Let me have my moment."
I couldn't help but stare. She was beautiful. Undeniably, beautiful.
I ran my fingers through my long brown, almost black, hair. I couldn't believe I was so stupid. I had a crush on a senior. Me of all people. I was too smart for that. I watched as Alex took a seat with the group of seniors and juniors she sat with everyday at lunch. At that time, I'd usually see Summer coming down the stairs to go to her next class. I had first lunch with Alex, while Summer had second lunch, which meant that she had lunch after us. I watched as Summer approached the table that Alex sat at. Every day, the same routine. Summer would stop to talk to the other band geeks for a minute, then head off to her class before she was late.

Apparently, I had been staring for a while because I looked back at Lily and was immediately greeted with a cold stare.
"Do you HAVE to fangirl over them every day?" She asked in a sarcastically pained tone.
"I'm sorry, I just can't help it" I made my fake puppy dog face and got her to laugh. The bell rang. Time for my next class. I proceeded up the stairs to my English class. Then PE. Then biology. Then, finally home.


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