This is Going to be a Long Summer

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This is Going to be a Long Summer

Chapter 9:

I’m dying.

I can’t breathe. With protesting legs, I ran faster trying to catch up with my Aunt Shelly, chest heaving I feel like my heart is going to burst out of my chest.

“Come on, you got this, we’ve only ran to the end of the block so far, only 3 and a half more miles to go” Aunt Shelly exclaimed picking up her speed.

Only 3 and a half miles? You’ve got to be kidding me! It’s official, I’m going to die this summer. After about a mile I was finally given a little break.

“Okay you stay here and catch your breath while I get you some water.” I nodded, to out of breath to actually speak.

Aunt Shelly ran off to a nearby convenience store while I placed my hands on my knees, leaning forward to catch my breath. I heard some loud cussing and I looked over my shoulder to see a lady pulling at her hair and kicking at her car gaining the attention of others. She began yanking on the car door as if it would magically open.

I cautiously approached the lady, “Are you alright lady?” I asked carefully.

The lady snapped her head in my direction, “Nothing a little girl like you could help me with, but if you must know I locked my keys in the car! I have to be somewhere in 15 minutes!” She exclaimed running her hands through her hair obviously stressed out.

I raised my eyebrows at her and snorted, “A locked car door? That’s it?”

I rolled my eyes and shoved the lady out of my way, grabbing the bobby pin in her hair. The lady let out a loud shriek but I ignored her crouching down by the lock on the door. Jamming the bobby pin in the lock mechanism I jiggled it around a bit before a heard a satisfying clicking sound. Standing back up I yanked the car door open and flicked the bobby pin in her direction hitting her in the face with it.

“Nothing I could help you with, my ass.” I muttered walking back to the park bench Aunt Shelly left me by earlier.

I should’ve just let that stupid lady there stranded, but I have to admit shoving her was pretty satisfying. Aunt Shelly came jogging back out of the store with two bottled waters. She tossed me one and of course I dropped it letting out a small squeak. I eagerly grabbed the bottle from the ground and opened it letting the water flow down my throat. Water has never tasted this good.

“So are you still the little delinquent I remember?” Aunt Shelly asked sitting down on the bench.

I shrugged, “Kind of, mainly technology wise now.” I played with the cold bottle in my hands.

Aunt Shelly raised her eyebrow at me, “What happened, I remember when you used to sneak out all dressed in black and go who knows where. I want that Carmeal back.”

“That makes two of us.” I muttered.

“Then why don’t you do it? No one could stop you before, why let anyone stop you now?”

I raised my head to look at her and grinned, “You’re right. I’m Carmeal Loveless and I’m a badass delinquent and nobody can change that.” I thought about how much fun it was to live by my own rules.

“Okay then it’s final, you’re going back to your old ways and I’m going to help you starting by getting you back into shape.” Aunt Shelly’s face lit up as an evil grin made its way onto her face.

“Only you.” I said shaking my head and smiling.

“Well it’s getting late so let’s finish our run so you can take a shower and go to sleep.” She said standing up and stretching.

I followed suit and we began running again. It’s official, I’m going to die. We barely made it to the end of the street and I was already struggling. This all better be worth it by the end of the summer or I’m going to break things.


I can’t move. I groaned loudly as I tried moving my protesting muscles. Nope, not happening I’m staying here all day. I heard a knock on my day.

“Go away.” I groaned into my pillow.

I heard the door open anyways and a pair of feet walked in.

“Oh honey, come on you have to get up, your eye appointment is in an hour and then we’re going shopping.” Aunt Shelly cooed, sitting next to me on the bed and began massaging my back.

I groaned again, “Then cancel it, I’m not going anywhere.”

“I didn’t want to do this but you leave me with no choice.” Before it registered in my mind I was roughly yanked off of the bed and thrown onto the floor.

I let out a strangled cry as I laid on the floor, a mangled mess. I grudgingly managed to pull myself off of the floor, wincing at every movement I made. Aunt Shelly shoved me to the bathroom tossing some clothes in after me and demanded I be ready to go in 15 minutes.


We walked out of the eye doctor’s office and I adjusted the large frames that now rested on my face. Aunt Shelly commented on how they made my face look slimmer. I ignored her still mad that she made me get out of bed this morning. I pushed my heavy glasses back up as they slipped down my nose again. They are such a change from my last pair I just need to get used to them.

“Okay, now for the shopping, we’re only going to by some things to get you through the summer and we’ll go shopping at the end of summer when you’re back to your old size 6.” Aunt Shelly told me ushering me into the car.

I plopped down into the passenger seat grateful for somewhere to rest my sore body. I just have to get passed the next couple of hours and then I can get back to the house and sleep, I told myself. I thought about what Bandon was doing with Uncle John right now, I think they said they’re going mini golfing. I wish I wasn’t so sore so I could play too.


I was wrong.

After our little shopping spree Aunt Shelly sent me upstairs to change so we could go on another run. If things keep going like this I don’t think I’ll live to see the end of summer.

I stood in front of the full body mirror in the walk in closet in my room and frowned. I was in my new sports bra and spandex shorts, my shirt and shorts sitting on the shelf next to me. I poked my stomach with my finger and watched as the excessive amount of fat jiggled under my probing.

I jumped once and a horrified look took over my face as I watched my entire body react to the motion. I reached over and grabbed the full skin tight body suit that Aunt Shelly bought as a goal outfit for me to fit into by the end of the summer. I looked at the small stretchy fabric that rested in my hands.

I held the body suit up and looked at it in the mirror. I had a long way to go until I could fit into this; will I ever be able to fit into this? I put the suit back on its hanger and watched as the fat on my arm swished with every motion.

I watched myself with disgust and quickly changed into my shirt and shorts. I need to change, I hate seeing myself like this. I don’t care how hard it will be I’m going to stop at nothing. I need to lose this weight and gain some muscle.

I jogged down the stairs, warming up my sore muscles, easing up the pain a little bit. I gave Aunt Shelly a determined look as she beamed at my change in attitude.

This is going to be a long summer, but it sure as hell will be worth it.

A/N:  Okay so I just want to give advanced notice, in the next chapter I’m probably just going to skip to the end of summer to see her finish results because I don’t want to bore you guys with her journey of weight loss and muscle gain. I’ll probably just write a brief explanation on how she did it and blah blah blah, find out in the next chapter! XD thanks for reading, let me know what you think in the comments!! I do dedications to the people who show that they care the most!

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