I sat outside of Dan's hospital room the doctors won't let me in saying its an emergency.

I have a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach and time seems to have stopped it feels like time kept getting slower and slower while my mind made up all kinds of bad situations.

The door finally opened and out came doctor Fuentes. His face told me I wouldn't be getting good news.

"Phil, I'm sorry." Dr. Fuentes said

"No, don't say it!" I demanded and put my hands over my ears and closed my eyes tightly

"This is never easy, I'm sorry" Dr. Fuentes tried to calm me down in a sympathetic tone.

I couldn't say anything.

Tears found their way down my face while people and nurses who were walking by gave me pitiful looks.

It's so hard to process I can't believe it am I dreaming will I wake up? Would Dan be across the hall on his MacBook? Oh how I wish that would be true but it's not Dan is really gone. Forever.

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