Chapter 23

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"You... You are my mother!" I sobbed.

"I am nobody's mother, especially, a whiny brat like you." With that she turned and stomped away.

"Aw, poor little Hope cannot break the curse to save her mother. How sad." He walked over to me and cupped my chin in his hands.

"Damn you..." I muttered under my breath.

"Oh what was that?" He turned his ear towards me.

"I said Damn you, damn all of this! Why me? I have done nothing to deserve this! Everything is gone, my friends are dead and I will not lose my mother, not again!" Power surged inside of me and Ezekiel released me out of shock.

I pounded my fist into the ground, my fist into the ground and breaking apart the wood. The shambles flew threw the air like deadly rain. I could feel it, the light, the hope. It wrapped around me like a blanket, shrouding me from the dark world. The rightness of this feeling astounded me, as if a piece of my soul long missing had finally been found.

"No!" Ezekiel shouted, throwing a bolt at me. I flicked my wrist, sending it into the far wall.

His eyes were wide with fear. It fascinated me and sickened me at the same time.

"Why do you fight?" I asked, my mouth speaking without me.

"What?" He demanded, his voice shaking.

"What has twisted your heart so?" With that my arms moved on their own, grabbing his hand.

The light flowed through him, finding his thoughts, reaching for his memories...

My eyes drifted open and I stared at the small ceiling of my tiny cottage. The small figure next to me sighed and I turned to stare at her beautiful face. She stretched, her elegant hands grabbing the mahogany headboard of the bed.

"Good morning, Camelia."I whispered, giving her a small kiss on her forehead.

"To what do I owe this pleasure?" Camelia yawned.

"Just letting you know that I love you."

"Hmmm?" She laughed, "Maybe I need some more convincing."

"If I must." I joked and leaned in for another kiss. Her lips met mine eagerly. Unfortunately, our fun was interrupted by a knock on the door.

"Yes?" I demand, slightly irritated.

The door opened, revealing Ramúl, my adopted son.

When he sees us, he instantly adverts his eyes, blushing from embarrassment.

"My apologies, father, but a man is outside your door. He wishes to speak to Camelia."

"Very well," I mumbled, "Tell the man we will meet him in a few minutes."

"Yes, father." With that he left us alone.

"Mmmm my love who is it that wishes to see you?" I asked, curious of the interest in my soon to be wife.

"Oh just Marvin."

"Marvin as in Marvin Manzell? As in the chief of Thrawforn?"


"What interest does he have in you?"

"We are to discuss a business proposal."

"From Chinova?" I asked. Chinova is where Camelia is visiting from, well before we fell in love and ended up here.

"Yes. They want to discuss an annexation into Pandora."

"That is wonderful! We can be together lawfully now!" I cried in joy.

"Yeah..." Her eyes darkened and I knew she was hiding something and Mr. Manzell had something to do with it.

"I am going to use the restroom." I said kissing her on the forehead. She nodded as I walked out the bedroom door. After I shut it, I ran down then hallway until I reached the front door.

The silver handle was cool under my grip as I yanked it open and found myself face to face with Marvin Manzell.

"Good-evening, sir," He tipped his hat to me politely, "May I speak to Camelia Russle?"

"She will be down in a moment, but may I ask what this details?"

"Our engagement of course."

I pulled away, the pain flowing from him into me.

"You started this Hope. You wanted to know my pain so you will finish the story!" He grabbed my hand and yanked me back in...

The words shook me to my core. I was in all senses of the word, betrayed. My love was to marry another man. I kept my face straight as I responded.

"Let me fetch her." I said and turned away. Walking down to the bedroom, I felt my rage close to the point of boiling over.

"Your fiancé is here." I snorted, putting emphasis on the second word.

Camelia's eyes grew wide.

"No! I-I did not mean for this!" She cried.

"Oh? Then what did you mean for?" I demanded.

"It was the deal... Our marriage was to secure annexation and peace. I am just the political tool in this!"

I began to grow hopeful.

"Then you will still marry me?" I asked. She cast her eyes to the ground.

"I want to I really do Ezekiel but my obligations are above my interests."

"Then why?" I cried, "Why pretend you could marry me? Why did you say yes?!"

"I was stupid! I thought that I could escape it all, that my family would accept that I found love!" She was weeping but I knew if I was to console her that I would fall in love all over again.

"Just go..." I said firmly.

She nodded and slinked out of the room. A minute later I heard to door open and shut. I knew that she was gone.

"Curse the Gods!" I screamed, shoving her jewelry off the dresser.

"Damn them..." I cried, "Just take it... take the pain..."

I can help. a mysterious voice said.

"No one can help me." I responded not giving a thought to the sudden appearance of a new person.

I can not only take it away I can give you what you want most. I turned to the voice and saw a shadowy figure.

"And what is that?" I demanded.

Revenge. The shadow laughed and I began to feel excited.

"What do you want in exchange?" I asked, knowing there was a catch.

Simple. Become my human vessel and I will give you powers beyond your imagination.

"That is all?"


"Then a deal is made."

Dark laughter filled the room as the shadows enveloped me. Their power draining my old life and giving me a new one.

I was no longer a human but a servant destined to end the Gods...

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