Ch. 5

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we walking underground, suddendly maka and i heard high growling.

suddendly we saw yellow eyes. HYDRA! blackstar shout.

soul, liz, patty, tsubaki turn into weapons. 

blackstar thought hydra is easy, i did tell him that hydra can mulitiple heads.

he ignored me, his loss, i thinking.

he shout tsubaki, enchanted sword mode!

he jumped and slice hydra's head.

DONE! he shout, gate didn't open...

he looked at hydra suddendly, it grow three heads! i told you! i yelled at him.

maka were rising and connected soul's soul... soul turning into krishn hunter syche.

maka jumped with soul and slice hydra's three head in same times. still,

it grow nine heads! i yelled, how to kill hydra, aim for his heart! 

kid called liz and patty to became death cannon, he blow it...

hydra is living but his skin spilt apart, it showing heart.

i pushed my sword into heart. hydra moaning and die.

gate is actully opens, i found a flute, blackstar yelled, piece of junk!

it not! i shout back, it key to get pass cherberus!

cherberus? blackstar laughed. JESSIE BITCH SLAP! i slapped him.

we walked to reaper's boat.

reaper boat is went gentle....

we still sat, and looking at river of hell.

i wondered if kid will actaully became corba?

suddendly i got vision...

my soul swishing into kid's..

he  grow mane and tail and eye and spilt tongue..

and body, but he left his arm and leg and head hanging around.

it something very wrong...

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