Chapter 36

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Allison's P.O.V

So i went Upstairs to shower and change.

As i finish blow drying my hair, i pick something out.

I had no freaking idea where we were going. And i bet it wasn't going to be anything fancy either.

I chose  The long sleeved navy sweater that had the spike studs on the shoulder and a tiger face on the front. along with black skinnies. I then wore my low studed combats.

I grab my hairspray and spray some on my hair. spinning my finger on some peices, causing it to swirl in a big curl.

I then do my usual makeup. Eyeliner on the top lid, along with mascara and nude eyeshadow.

I head back downstairs, and see Michael playing video games. laying on the couch.

He turns to look at me. and smiles wide.

"You Look amazing." He gets up and walks towards me.

He leans in, and i immediatly dig my fingers in his hair. His galaxy color almost fading. but still looking amazing.

His hands sliding down my back, pulling me closer. The kiss depens and i notice that we were on the couch.

I was laying on top of him, and remmeber the hickey he gave me. Well, payback. Right?

So i suck on his neck, probaly a bit too hard because his grip tightens on me.

I  pull away and look down at him. The red spot visible.

"You did not…" He laughs, and i can't help but laugh too.

"Oops." I giggle out.

He gets up, me still on top of him and this time he hovers on top of me.

His hot breath on my neck. I obviously knew he also wanted pay back. I cover my neck with both my hands, and can't help but just laugh

"Not this time Clifford!" I Laugh out

He was way stronger then me and kept trying to get to my neck.

So i stop the struggle and crash my lips to his. Moving in sync.

"Fine, you win this time..."  He mumbles through the kiss.

. We pull away, but he still hoverd me.

"So are you planning on Dying your hair again?" I ask, as my fingers run through his soft hair. I twirl my finger around his shortish fringe.

"Don't do that!" He playfully yells.

"And yeah, i am. but im not telling you what color. just yet. you'll have to see it."

A small smirk, making me lean in and kiss him once again.


Michael's P.O.V

I really missed this Alli.

Shes been in those 'Depressed' Moments, although she defends she isn't depressed.

She looked amazing right now.

Her thick curly black hair perfectly hair sprayed.

The way her Navy sweater fit her.

I loved her.

I felt the hot spot from where she had sucked on. This will be a memory.

I got up from on top of her. and we sat on the couch. she Leaned her head on my shoulder.And i kissed her forhead.

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