Death Game; Sword Art Online

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Alright so I've never finished Mirai Nikki and I'm sor- Just kidding I'm not. I haven't even touched the website I use to watch it. So part two will take a long time.

Btw, Im writing a fanfic so check that out it's called- Not just a game.

(Rant and shit will be at end)

For now, enjoy SOA!



There's a new VMORRGP (lol I just made up those letters & too lazy to look the game up) and basically it's like playing video games, but in your mind. You put on the helmet thing and you control your character with your brian.

The whole jist of it is, it's really popular and all that jazz, then on the first day the site is up and running they've got like 10,000 people logged in when the logout button dissapears. At first they think it's a fluke, but the gamemaster himself tells them that it's no bug and the only way to get out is to beat all 100 levels. If you die in the game, you die in the real world. Also, if you unplug the headset for so many hours, you die. So if anyone from the takes it off or a black out happens, well you're screwed! :D



Kirito- his real name is something I'm not going to bother with. Just know that Kirito is a mash up of first and last name. Alright so he's a Beta tester "beater" if you will. Which basically means he's already played the game before anyone else got their hands on it. He's a quiet type of guy, standoffish even.

Asuna- the female heroine. She kicks ass. She fights and it's great.

The rest of the bench warmer charscters will be added later becuase I'm tired and I dont feel like googleing on my phone.


Now the best part; Le Rant.

Summary- Alright, inyeresting concept. I like it a lot. Makes me wish this type of technology existed in real life.

It's a great concept and all but the way they excecuted

So once they find out that there stuck, it timeskips to (I think) the first level boss. Then we've got another timeskip 2 or 3 years later when they're on level 68 or something like that.

I don't like this timeskip becuase the most interesting part about this is the first week this went down. Like what happend. I know they tell the deaths, but it doesn't tell me how all of these game freaks dealt with this. I want the anguish, the helplessness, the hero who rises and tells people to get their shit together!

Now we've got a huge plot twist towards episoode 19, 21ish that makes my stomach turn. It's weird af and if anybody knows or has an idea about what I'm talking about, you know that shits nasty. Like wtf. No, that's just wrong.

Now I've got another HUGE issue with freakin Kirito. Like is he a pimp or what? He be ballin all day pickin up dem geekzz.

*sigh* I don't understand.

EVERY SINGLE GIRL he meets! Within in the first 2 hours they've decided they love him, he's the love of their life, babby daddy, ect. I can't fathom it. What is Kirito?

What makes him so freakin appealing bc I didn't see it, nor could I relate. Asuna and Kirito, sure, but becuase it happened over time, under dire circumstamces. But back to how unrealistic this is. I can't stand it.

Ok, sure, he kicks ass, but.... What else?

*crickets chirp*

That's what I thought. Oh, you say he's nice? How! That's great, I know nice people too, but I don't fall I love with them in 20 seconds.

Kirito's cool?

Super duper. And that falls back under the Kirito kicks ass category which I don't really count. Do you fall in love with a guy bc he can make a free throw. NO.

I've spen too many characters ranting about him.

Alright and another thing, I really didn't understand the creator's motives for creating this death game. Call me stupid or maybe I didn't catch it, but it was some irrelevent reason I couldn't bother remembering.

so don't get me wrong, I liked it, but I had to get over a few issues. So 7.7/10.

Good romance scene in like episode 18?¿?

as you can see, I don't know too many of the specifics, but I get the general point.

Currently it's airing on Toonami at 3. (but it's amost over)


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