Austin POV

''Wake up!! wake up!! wake up,sleepy head!!" Kat yelled.''No..'' I murmured.

''Wake up or else...'' she smirked.''Or else what?" I asked him.''Or else I'll kiss you!" she told me.

''Okay...okay..I'm up you do not need to kiss me'' I told her while getting up from the couch. I stretched my arms and yawned a few times.''So,your so called 'girlfriend' is coming today'' she told me in a jealous tone.

''Hey,babe! your my girlfriend now...'' I tried cheering her up.''Then break up with her'' she told me.''I'm sorry, babe...but I can't'' I signed.''Why?" she asked me.

''Please,babe...just don't annoy me in this morning'' I told her.''Annoy you?! I'm not annoying are annoying me!!'' she shouted. Suddenly, someone knocked the door.

''I'll get it'' I told her. She shook her head and sat on the couch. I opened the door and saw Alex.''What do you want?" I asked him.''Where's Kat?" he asked me.''None of your businesses, stay away from her!" I pushed his chest.


''Alex!!!" I shouted happily.''Kat?" he called me.''Alex! I missed you'' I told him.''I missed you too'' he hugged me.''I'm sorry... I was to harsh'' he apologized.

"Apologize accepted, baby'' I told him.''Let's go to my room,babe'' he invited.''Okay" I answered. "Bye,Austin'' Alex waved at him. He looked angry and sad.

I'm sorry,Austin...I love you more than I love Alex but we can't be together.

Austin POV

Go away you whore!! after all we have been still want that bitch?! your fucking stupid,Kat!!

I took my stuffs from Kat's room and went to my room.''Wow...34 messages from Emily...'' I whispered to myself while checking my phone.

I tried calling her for about 5 times... finally she answered it.


''Austin!! I hate you!"

''I'm sorry, phone was on silent mode''

''Why didn't you answer my messages?"

''I was just rehearsing''

''Oh the way I'm coming to meet you today!!"

''Yay! can't wait to see my baby''

''Hahaha...okay I'm in the cab now going to your hotel''

''Okay I'll wait at the entrance''



Oh well...Kat will never be in my heart anymore...that whore. But I still have my Emily...

Suddenly,I got a message from ....Alex?!

To:Austin.                    From:Alex

Austin? tis is Kat...I'm sorry

To:Alex.                      From:Austin

Sorry 4 wat,whore?!

To:Austin.                  From:Alex

I know tat ur angry but I luv u not Alex...

To:Alex.                       From:Austin

Hah! I'm sorry,whore its over...I like Emily now so fuk off!!

To:Austin.                 From:Alex

U hv all the rite to b angry at me....but plz I wan u back. :(

To:Alex.                    From:Austin

Fine! if u wan me back so me at the Eiffel tower at midnight.

To:Austin.                From:Alex

But I can't... :(

To:Alex.                     From:Austin

I know tat u'll answer tat...cuz u wanna fuck wit Alex,rite?"

I waited for her reply it seems like I'm waiting years for her to reply so I switched off my phone and ran to the hotel entrance to meet Emily. I waited for her for about 10 minutes and finally she arrived.

''Baby!!" she squealed while hugging me.''Hey,there gorgeous'' I hugged her back. Suddenly,her face turned sad when she looked at me.''Hey,what's wrong,babe?" I asked her worriedly.

''Are you replacing me with another girl?" she asked me.''What?! no'' I replied.''But you are'' she said.''Babe! that 'girl' wasn't my girlfriend she's just one of my friend that's all'' I lied.

''Really?'' she asked me.''Yup! you know that I'll never replace you'' I told her. Way to go Austin...your a great liar now. ''But you guys went to Eiffel tower and-''.''Shhh...that's all over'' I kept a finger on her soft lips.

She shook her head saying yes.''Your mine now'' I smiled.''And I'm yours'' she continued.''So where's our room?" she asked me.

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