I sat up abruptly the next morning. "Ah!"

There was a dull pain in my neck. Then I remembered: we'd blood bonded. Memories flooded my mind.

"You see?" I turned to look up, finding Jackson holding a cup of coffee for me. "I never once hated you, or said no to being your mate." He opened his mind for me. My eyes went wide.

The car ride: She was silent most of the entire ride, and didn't bother to eat her breakfast back at the house. Her mind was racing through all the memories of Ren, but he kept to himself, and let me mope. The argument: He was irritated with me, but he didn't hate me. Just let her mourn. You were like this when your parents died, as well as Leila.

"I was being a jerk when I shouldn't have been. I read your emotions while you were blacked out... When did your feelings suddenly change?" I took the cup in my hands.

Day Three: We weren't talking much, but were still talking. He said that night, if I wanted to come to bed that night, and just talk, then fall asleep, that would be fine with him. I could throw everything at him and let it all out. I didn't take the staying in the room because I didn't want him to see me cry myself asleep again.

"I was still a little bit shaken... I just didn't want anything bad to happen, because it always seems to come and bite me with the bad luck bug." Jackson chuckled, and sat on the bed next to me. I still had the sheet being held up by my arms.

"I had something waiting at the jewelers that was being fixed. I was about to go pick it up. The girls want to take you shopping, and this, finally came in." He handed me a purple card. He knew my favorite color! "I have to give you something. The female alpha gets an allowance you know." I smiled, leaning into his shoulder.

"Thank you... But I was thinking about getting a part-time job as a skating hop at Sonic." He looked at me curiously shocked. "It just keeps me busy, and I did that back when I was sixteen."

"But, a job is meant for making money..." He told me.

"It was just a thought. I like skating, and that was how I made my money back when I was a teen." It made Jackson smile. He actually had a gorgeous smile that would stop your heart.

"Well, there is both an ice and roller rink near here. So, I'll make some plans, and once a month, we can all take a trip out and have some fun. How about that?" Oh, gosh. My mom was right.

"I think I love you right now." That got him to laugh, and hug me.

So, he went to go do some of his own errands, leaving me with the girls: Addison, Storm, Shay, Marie, Clarey, and Missey.

"You guys don't have to buy me anything.." I sat at the food court table, sipping on my smoothie.

"We never got to see or celebrate the ritual, so we're going to buy you whatever it is you want today, and it doesn't matter what. If you don't start picking anything out by time we get to the second shop..." Addison started.

"We start picking stuff out, and making you try it on." Shay finished, smiling as she ate a bite of her sushi. I groaned, feeling my phone buzz.

Having fun?

I slid my phone open to reply.

So far? They're trying to kill me.

I could feel him chuckling.

Just have fun. They want to get to know you.

I sighed, sliding my phone shut. The girls were chattering amongst themselves, trying to figure out how to split up. Once they did, Addison and Shay took me, while the other four went to go overboard and buy me possibly everything in sight.

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