Chapter Three

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“She’s torturing the poor lad! Sara, make her be nice!” Niall whispers in your ear and pulls you close to his side, noticing you’re shivering.

“Oh hell no. It’s just getting good!” You whisper back.

“That’s evil.”

“That’s me. Ooh shhh they’re talking. Ugh, they’re whispering.”

“So…” you hear Harry say quietly to Becca, “how much did you hear?”

“Oh I heard enough…” she replies quietly.

“Um. So. I was wondering if maybe…you…”

“Harry? Shut up and kiss me, you idiot.” She pulls him closer to her by the front of his jacket and kisses him sweetly, keeping it short to avoid making it awkward for her *ahem* audience.

You’re standing there with Niall, getting increasingly cold. You can hear everybody else on the far end of the yard completely focused on the snowball fight. “Should we go…?” You whisper to Niall.

“But I wanna see this!”

“We can watch them from your bedroom window if it’s that important to you, you creep!”

“Yay! Hop on my back, it’ll be easier than having you trudge through the snow,” He turns his back to you and crouches slightly.

“Um. Okay!” You take a quick running start and jump delicately onto his back, wrapping your arms around his shoulders so you don’t fall. He secures your legs around his waist and walks slowly through the snow to his back door. He opens the door and drops you inside. You both take off your boots so as not to get snow everywhere.

“Jesus, Sara. You’re shivering!”

“Well yeah. There’s snow in my sweater and I think in my pants too.”

“Why didn’t you tell me? Come up to my room. I’ll find you a sweatshirt and some sweatpants to wear while I toss your clothes in the dryer.”

“Niall, I’m fine—aah! Put me down!” He picks you up and carries up the stairs and into his room bridal style. He sets you down on his bed and walks over to his closet, grabbing his navy blue Jack Wills hoodie and gray sweatpants. He throws them at you and they hit you in the face. “Hey!”

“Sorry, love! Get out of those wet clothes and put these on instead,” he says while walking out of the room and closing the door behind him.

Ugh...these are gonna be way too long on me. What was he thinking? You slowly peel off your wet clothes and put on Niall’s sweatshirt. The sleeves come way past your fingertips and the hemline falls above the middle of your thighs. When you put on his sweatpants, you have to roll them up. A lot. He should have known these would be too long on me! You open the door and see Niall leaning against the wall.

“Pfft. Nice outfit,” he snorts.

“Not my fault I’m short!” you respond, offended.

“No, princess, that’s not what I meant. You’re adorable and tiny and beautiful,” He pulls you into a tight hug and kisses the top of your head, “So can we spy on Harry and Becca now?”

“Sure, creep,” you laugh, pulling him over to his bedroom window. You two look out the window and see Harry with his arms looped around Becca’s waist and hers around his neck.

“Aw, he looks so happy!” Niall comments, wrapping his arms around your waist from behind and resting his chin on top of your head.

“So does she…I always knew she liked him…” You lean back into him, entwining your fingers with his. As you finish your sentence, you see a snowball fly out of nowhere and hit both Harry and Becca in the face, thrown by none other than Zayn.

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