When I get back to the hotel, I look into my mom and brothers' room and they are passed out. I laugh and kiss them all on the forheads. I head back into my room which is right above them. I go onto my computer and go onto Netflix and watch some movies. Right before i'm about to go to bed I get a text.

E- hey. it's Evan:)

P- hey. 

E- what's up?

P- nothing about to go to bed though so i'll message you tomorrow. 

E- okay. goodnight:)

P- night.

I put my phone on the bedside table, go change into pajama shorts and an oversized t-shirt, and take my make-up off and put my hair up. I turn my fan on then get into the bed and cuddle with my pillow pets and bury myself deep down in the blankets and fall asleep. 

The next morning I always wake up at like noon so i look at my phone and i have a text from Evan. 

E- hey you want to hang out today?:)

P- sure, how about you meet me at my hotel. It's just the Super 8 but In & Out Burger. 

E- alright. on my way. 

P- kay

I go into my suit case and get out a baseball tee with just black sleeves, black ripped jeans, and my black high-top converse. I took a shower the night before and i love the way my hair looks the day after so i just leave it be. I just get it out of my face, and then i just put on some eyeliner and mascara. I go down to tell my mom that i'm going to head out for a while. She says okay and i walk out the door and see Evan in his car. "hey!" he smiles as he rolls his window down. "hey man." i smirk and get in the passenger seat. "so what are we doing?" I ask buckling my seat belt. "what do you want to do?" he asks and accleorates moving into the highway. "well this was your idea. so you pick obviously." i sass. He laughs and i just smile. " well do you want to go see a movie or soemthing?" "sure why not." "what movie do you want to see?" "umm doesn't matter i like whatever." "okay haha." 

When we get to the theatre there are a lot of people there, and they're all staring at us. "You got a problem?" I smart off to a random group of girls and they just look away. They're all skinny and i'm not so much. That's probably what they're thinking. "why is that guy with her?" i imagine they're thinking. "Sorry," i say to Evan. "I sort of have a bad temper." He just smiles, "that's perfectly fine haha i like it." i just smile and look at the movie selection. " two for Anchorman 2." " nice, i've actually been wanting to see that." he just chuckles and we head into the movie. 

"that was pretty funny." i say as we leave the theatre."yeah it was." he says as we get into the car. "well now what?" he says. " i think i should probably go back to the hotel." "alright." he says and we start driving toward the hotel but we stop at a drive thru and get some ice cream. When we get back to the hotel i get out, say thanks and walk back up to my room. He waits until i get to my door, which is sort of weird but eh who cares. I look back and wave, he waves back a leaves. When i get into my room i plop down onto my bed and watch T.V. I take my pants and shoes off and put some spandex on cover up and just watch some MTV and play on my phone. I decide that i should work out because i desperatly want to loose weight in my thighs. so i put my hair up, and put my work out app on. After i was done i was so exhausted, i passed out without taking my make-up off or anything. 

"Paige! are you awake?!" my mom yells. "now i am!" i answer. "can you watch your brothers while i run to the store to get some groceries?!" "sure" I get up and put some sweatpants on, grab my phone, and head down stairs. Maddox is just playing with his little toy computer and Brodie is on his bed on his iPad. I switch the T.V. on and maddox freaks out because Spongebob is on. I just let him watch that and I play on my phone. Evan texted me again. 

E- hey

P- hi

E- how was the rest of your night?

P- alright. i just worked out and passed out ha.

E- nice lol well what are you doing right now?

P- babysitting and you?

E- just driving around. would you care if i came over?

P- sure. i'm in the one with the door open. 

E- alright see you in a sec.

P- kay. 

I get up to open the door and not less than 2 mintues Evan is in the doorway. "hey!" he says and Maddox gets scared and comes to cuddle with me. "oh hey. that was fast. haha" i say as Maddox comes onto my lap. "yeah haha i was in the neighbourhood." "oh nice. you can sit anywhere if you want."  he decides to sit next to me and Maddox. "hey little buddy." he says to Maddox as he hugs my neck. "he's really shy and can't talk." i say. "oh, ha why can't he talk?" "he's got autism. so he just shows us what he wants." "aw that's too bad." "it's alright haha" i say putting him on the floor and going to the bathroom." i'll be right back. i've gotta pee." i say and he laughs. " okay haha" i hurry into the bathroom because i seriously need to pee. I look  into the mirror and see that i look like crap, but i honestly don't care. I just fix my put and re-put it up then head out. Evan is playing with Maddox and I've got to say it is adorable. 

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