I hope you enjoy this story. This is my first time writing a Fanfic.

Disclaimer- Most of the characters belong to the makers of The Pirates of the Caribbean.



She ran through the giant, creepy forest as sweat poured down her face and she panted hard.


Her heart beat fast as she held fast to the hilt of the sword tight in her hand.


She cut the vines out of her way, panting and sweating even more than she had before, heartbeat seemingly increasing by the second.

Thump, Thump

Her heart beat faster than it had ever before. She felt as if she couldn't keep up this pace anymore. If she continued like this she would definitely blackout. But she couldn't have that, she needed to stay alert. Especially if she wanted to get the thing she wanted most. The thing that had gotten her into this messy situation in the first place.

Her breathing was heavy. She slowly lifted her hand to hold her side. She was in pain, it felt like someone had stabbed her there. Her legs felt like jelly. They were so wobbly. But she couldn't stop. She couldn't. Not now. Not yet.


As if it were a scene in a movie, her instinct told her to jerk her head back only a few seconds before a spear rushed past centimeters from her face. "AAAHHHH," a man who very much looked like he had lost it screamed. She dropped her sword making it stick blade first into the ground and tried covering her ears but it seemed like it only got louder and louder with every minute. Her dark brown eyes then shot open with a pained glint,"Okay time to go." She pulled her sword out of the ground and began to run..again. Her jet black hair was being pushed back by the wind, the never-ending stream of sweat dripping down her tanned face.

One leg in front of the other, she ran as fast as her legs could take her. She squinted and noticed the light being reflected off water in the distance. Which meant she was near the beach, and that meant she was near her ship. And that meant she could leave this horrible, stupid island. It honestly felt like it was taking forever to get to her ship.

She made a quick sharp turn and saw her heavily damaged ship. It wasn't that great, but it would have to do for now. She quickly climbed the ropes, and got to the main deck. She sprinted to the wheel, gave it a good spin, and began to sail off.

After she had gained an acceptable distance from that horrific island, she looked down at herself and sighed. She needed to change out of these horrible rags. She scanned the forcastle deck and spotted her shotgun. She instanly grabbed it and stuck it in between the wheel. Rapidly running to her quarters, she swiftly took off the offensive garments and immediately put on a red low cut blouse with over flowing full sleeves and on top of that donned a black corset. Then promptly put on black jeans, with black long boots that had black laces and small chains.

She stretched her arms and a smirk appeared on her face as she felt in control once more. Now it was time to get what she wanted, she'd make sure of it.

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