Chapter 3

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I nodded. We get in the car and it's silent all the way there. I've been waiting in the waiting room for an hour. Finally the doctor comes out. "Your dad will be fine. He just got a flesh wound in his arm. The bullet barley hit him." I sigh in relief. He might not be my favorite parent but he's the only one I got now. "Can I see him?" I asked. The doctor nodded and lead me to his room. I was tipsy. Dad hates it when I'm drunk but at least I'm here after he hit me and all. I walk in. "Hey dad." I smile. He glares. "I know I'm a little tipsy but--" "Come here." He says. I do as he requested. He backhands me. "I'm lying in a hospital bed and you have the mordacity to walk in here drunk?!" I start to tear up. "I'm sorry daddy. I will leave. I love you." I kiss him on the cheek and start to cry. I put my hood up and walk out. "Are you ok?" Smith asks. I nod. "Get me out of here! I wanna go home!" I say trying to stop my tears. He rips off my hood and gasps. The welt is huge. He rushes me out of there. "I can't take you home. Your house is a crime sene but I can take you to get you things. You can even bring your vodka and your smokes and your blades." I jump. "What blades?" He looks at me. He pulls my sleeves up. "How'd you know?" I look at him straight in the eyes as I say it. "There was blood in your drain and your friends told me." I look down. He grabs my chin. "No one can hurt you now Alisha. I will protect you and I will help you through this." He says. I grab him in a hug and he hugs me back. He's more than a father than dad ever was in my 15 years of life.

We show up at my house and grab all my stuff except my blades. I wanted to show Smith I wasn't like that.

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