Chapter 6 - Just Give Me A Chance.

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*One Month Later*


I woke up and I laid back in my bed. I thought about the past week. Ray still has been trying with me but I just don't wanna let him in. I don't wanna become another one of his hoes that he can call and go through more emotional pain. I like him, I can't deny that. I got up from my tired state and I hopped in the shower. I came out and put on a cropped denim button down shirt with black jeans and timbs with the spikes on it. I put on a gold chain with gold earrings and gold rings and I put my hair in a bun and for the first time I put my bangs towards the front. I looked cute. I sprayed some vanilla perfume and I walked downstairs. I walked for Zaine for about twenty minutes before I went up to his room and knocked.

Zaine: Come in.

I walked in and I smelled sickness in the air.

Me: Eww your sick.
Zaine: Yeah. I'm not going to school.

I went over and I felt his forehead. He had a fever.

Me: Oh you have a fever. You want me to do anything for you?
Zaine: No No. Thanks anyways. Go to school. My keys are on my dresser.
Me: Okay.
Zaine: You can drive right?
Me: You can drive right?

I mocked him and I closed the door. I went downstairs and I got into his car and I drove to school. I met Trina in the hall.

Trina: Hey Z. How's life.
Me: Good. Yours?
Trina: Awesome. Where's the other Z?
Me: Sick.
Trina: Oh that sucks. I'll go see him later.

I nodded and we began to walk down the hall. Ashley stared at me the whole time I was waking. I ignored her and Trina walked me to class. We did our handshake and I went inside. As soon as I sat down, Ray turned his chair around and smiled. His teeth were crooked but arranged just perfectly to still have a great smile. I smiled too. His hair was out hand he had a SnapBack on he had on a BOY London t shirt with black jeans and black and white converses. Cute as always.

Me: Who you tryna impress today?
Ray: You. I only dress to kill for the girls that I like.

That made me blush. He's so sweet. But also a player.

Me: You know sometimes I forget that you're a player.
Ray: Aww come on Zeno why do you always gotta dog me like that?

I smiled noticing the nickname he gave me.

Me: What did you just call me?
Ray: Zeno. I made it up for you. You like it?
Me: Yeah.
Me: I know I'm a player. But there's always one girl that drives the player crazy and he wants to settle down with her. Quick example. Flava Flav. He used to have that show when he used to be with all them women and stuff. Look at him now. He's married to a white bitch that's addicted to drugs!

He held his arms out and I laughed. He is too much.

Me: That's mean.
Ray: I know but am I right?
Me: Yes Ray You're right.

He smiled and the teacher came in.

(A/N I'm just gonna skip up until after school because I don't have any ideas for lunch.)

*After School*

Ray Ray.

We had different classes last period. I rushed out of mine and I knew I would find her by her locker. I went there and I saw her. The halls had cleared and I laughed because it kinda felt like they were giving us some privacy. She noticed me and she smirked.

Zenobia: So you love coming to see me after school right?
Me: Mmhmm. You know we should make this whole you and me thing a thing.

She made a straight face and looked at me. She sighed and shook her head. And looked down.

Me: Whoa what's wrong.

Zenobia: It's nothing. It's just that we don't really know each other that well and....

Me: So let me get to know you. Let me take you out tomorrow and show you that I like you for you.

Zenobia: But Ray I don't want to become one of those girls that flock to you just for some dick.

Me: And you won't be. Let me tell you something. I only treat those girls that way because they want to be treated that way. You. You're a different story. I can tell that you want to be treated with respect because you have it for yourself. And I can do that for you. So would you like to go out with me tomorrow night?

She looked up at me and smirked. She nodded and I smiled.

Me: Thank you. Can I have your number?

She patted me down for my phone. It was cute. She found it in my side pocket and she took it out. We had the same phone so she knew how to work it and put her number in. She smiled and handed me back my phone.

Zenobia: Call me later.

I smiled as I noticed that the contact that she put on was Zeno💋. It was cute. She started to walk off.

Me: Wait.

She turned around and I jogged to hug her. It felt good and hopefully it'll be one out of many that we share.

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