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Jihyun is looking around while the members are looking at each other. After taking the room keys, they went to Jihyun. "Jihyunnie, you are sharing a room with Yonggukkie hyung and Himchannie hyung. Is it okay?" Daehyun asked and she shook her head while hugging him. "Jihyunnie.. Please don't be like this." Daehyun said while patting her. After awhile, she finally nodded. "Hyung, you can bring her." Daehyun said and the two oldest went to her and brought her to their room.

Once inside, Jihyun stood at the door. "Jihyunnie, what are you doing?" Himchan asked, curious. "Jihyun, why don't you take the bed beside mine?" Yongguk suggested and Jihyun nodded. As Himchan and Yongguk are looking through the things they bought, Jihyun is sitting on the bed while doing something. After checking and packing their things, they turned and saw Jihyun writing something.

"Jihyunnie, what are you doing?" Yongguk asked, curious. "Homework." Jihyun replied, eyes not leaving the book. "You brought your homework here?" Himchan asked, surprised. "Yeah.. Afraid that i might be bored so i brought some." Jihyun replied and they looked at each other. After an hour, Jihyun finally finished all her homework. "So Jihyunnie, what do you do on your free time?" Himchan asked, curious. "Homework or maybe reading and studying." Jihyun replied and they nodded. "You must be good in studies, right?" Yongguk asked and Jihyun blushed a little. "Not really." Jihyun said and looked down. "Can we ask you something?" Himchan asked, she looked at him and he continued, "Why do you always stick to Daehyun?" "Because only oppa cares about me, more than the others so i feel protected and loved and i can also tell oppa everything and anything because i know that oppa will always support me and not criticize me." Jihyun replied while her eyes started shining and her lips curved up into a smile. "He is really a good oppa, huh." Himchan said and Jihyun shook her head. "Oppa's the best." Jihyun said while smiling and they smiled as well.

"But the two of you are really different, right?" Yongguk asked and Jihyun nodded. "But people said opposite attracts so.. We are attracted to each other." Jihyun said and they nodded. Soon, it's night and they are preparing to sleep after eating dinner. "Jihyun-ah, why don't you go bathe first?" Yongguk asked and she shook her head. "Oppas, have to wake up early so.. Oppas go ahead first." Jihyun said and they nodded. After awhile, they came out and Jihyun went in. After washing up, she dried her hair and went to sleep along with Yongguk and Himchan.

The next day night, they went to their concert venue and started rehearsing after warming up. As they are rehearsing, Jihyun sat on the audience seats and watched them rehearse. After a few hours of rehearsing, Yongguk is still feeling something is missing so they continued to rehearse. "Yah! Ten minutes break!" Yongguk instructed and they heaved a sigh of relief. Daehyun immediately lie on the stage while the others went backstage or the audience seats to rest. As they are resting, Jongup, Zelo and Himchan who are resting at the audience seats saw that Jihyun has already fallen asleep. "Daehyun-ah! Your dongsaeng has fallen asleep!" Himchan called out and Daehyun slowly stood up from the stage floor to them. "It must be past midnight now. She usually sleeps before midnight. Don't worry hyung." Daehyun said and they looked at him. "She have a sleeping time?" Himchan asked, shocked. "Ne.. Once the time reaches midnight, her body switches off on it's own." Daehyun said and they nodded. "Yah! Continue from 'One Shot' and we can go!" Yongguk shouted and the members slowly gathered to the stage along with their dancers and started rehearsing once again.

After they finally finished rehearsing, they wiped away all their sweats and cleaned themselves. "Hyung, can any one of you carry Jihyunnie? I don't think i have the strength." Daehyun said and Yongguk went to the audience seat and carried her. "Gomawo hyung." Daehyun thanked and Yongguk just smiled. On the way back to their hotel, all of them are sleeping. Once they reached, they woke up and Yongguk carried Jihyun to their room. He lay Jihyun gently on her bed and tucked her in while Himchan went to bathe. After he came out from the toilet, Yongguk went in while Himchan dried his hair. Soon, they off all the lights, leaving a small light on and went to sleep. 

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