Chapter 5: Elizabeth has a dream of Michelle

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Elizabeth was driving and her cellphone started vibrating. She cut it off and went back to driving. She started feeling sleepy and she fell asleep. Elizabeth was getting ready to take a shower and all the lights went out. They cut back on and Michelle stood in her bedroom doorway. Elizabeth screamed and panted heavily. "Oh my God, M, you scared me, you're back, (she hugged Michelle and looked at her), listen, I would love to chat with you, but I need to take a shower, and how did you get in here?" said Elizabeth. "I was wonderin' when were you gonna ask me that, I'm dead, Liz, and guess who else is dead, Asante, Khleo, Rachael, Rachael and Patrick's kids, Patrick, and of course, my daughter, Viktoriya," said Michelle. "What, how did they die, who killed'em?" said Elizabeth and Michelle smiled evilly. "I did, I did them a favor, I killed Viktoriya on the way here," said Michelle. "What, but why?" said Elizabeth and Michelle stabbed her through her stomach with a machete. Elizabeth grunted in pain and looked at Michelle with a scared look. "Because you guys didn't save me, you didn't help me, I died in the most goriest way, and you never even attempted to see what I looked like or how I died, you're gonna be up there with the others, Liz, I promise, you won't have to worry about being in pain anymore, Heaven needs another angel, I'm savin' you, it'll all be over," said Michelle and took the machete out of her stomach. Elizabeth fell on the floor with a grunt and Michelle walked away. Elizabeth woke up and a car had crashed into her. She had blood on the left side of her face. The woman that crashed into her got out of her car and ran towards Elizabeth's car. "Ma'am, I'm so sorry, I'm gonna call 911, right now, just stay there," said the woman and Elizabeth moaned softly. A few hours later, Elizabeth woke up in the hospital.

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