Ch. 4

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we are entering a cave, it CREEPY ME OUT!

i was beside kid..

blackstar and kid looked at fairy, fairy reliped, gonna see that guy again?

kid and blackstar give a fairy a queasy face.

we walking... i saw holy sword. it not person i slap blackstar.

you will see, kid shout to me. he pulled sword, suddendly it turning into little boy.

aww, i poked his chin... FOOL! he shout and push his cane into my smotach! i got fell.

kid is very angry, he kicked guy's cane off. STAY OUT OF MY GIRL,BITCH! he shout to guy.

FOOL! he shout back, kid broke his cane, suddendly it reappear.

kid was coughed blood and faints.

i crawled to kid, and comfort him.

actully, i got burise from cane.

blackstar walked up to guy. WHERE IS HYDRA?!

guy reliped, oh a legendary hydra, blah blah blah.

it located by DWMA underground... WHAT?!

blackstar shout, we see you for nothing?! FOOL! he shout

black star carrying kid, i act as snake, because burise is hurtful when i walk.

we leave him... FOOL! he shout.

-at nurse's office-

nurse were watch over kid and, checking my burise out.

lord death were asking blackstar, what he tell you about hydra?

blackstar reliped, under DWMA..

WHAT?! lord death barked, i don't know that coming.

lord death called maka and soul and liz and patty and tursakai.

we are heading to kill hydra...

all shout yeah! included me, kid were just woke up.

we walked to hall, and i push tiles, it OPEN!

we jumped inside..... 

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