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I felt my eyes being pricked by tears "You couldn't have let me die peacefully, couldn't you?" I asked the man hoarsely, my voice cracking a bit, a tear rolled down my gaunt and hollow cheek "You couldn't have let me go, away from this torture called life? You're cruel. That's what you are. You're a cruel man, Jack Barakat."


~Alice's POV~

 I stared at jack in the eye for a moment, before looking down quickly. I started hyperventilating, I was breathing quite rapidly by now, and started to frantically push away from Jack, but he just held me down, his eyes staring at me.


The first word that came out of his mouth. To me. No? I can’t handle any more people saying no to me. That’s what people have told me all my life. ‘No that” and “No this”. Never yes. Can’t I for once get what I want? My way?

I looked at him, my mouth opens a little, and I quickly closed it. "Why not?!" I growled angrily "Isn’t it obvious, that the reason why I was going to jump was because I’m in too much pain?! A pain that I can’t handle anymore?!" I shouted at him.

He stared at me with a hard look on his face. A determined look. I don’t like determined looks. People always get what they want when they have that look. For me, that look has a bad meaning to me. In every way.

I stared up at him with a scared look in my eyes. Scared, wondering what he might do to me. Would he steal from me? I don’t have anything to give. Would he rape me? Most probably. It wouldn’t be the first time it’s happened either.

“There’s nothing to be afraid of, doll.” He chuckled “I’m harmless.”

I scoffed quietly, but he obviously heard me, seeing as he was right on top of me. I could feel his hot breath tingling against my neck, and mine on his.

He raised a brow at me surprised “I really am harmless, I wouldn’t rape you or anything.”

“Say that to the other filthy guys that surround this stupid world.” I huffed angrily

His eyes widened and so did mine; I hadn’t meant to say that, it just slipped. Fuck. I wonder what’s going through that crazy, dirty brain of his…

I shut my mouth and looked away from him, not wanting to look at his face, and clenched my eyes shut.

I felt his rough yet smooth hand hold my chin softly and turn my towards his, I kept my eyes shut, not wanting to see what he was going to do next.

I felt his breath go higher up my neck and to my ear. “I promise I won’t hurt you. I don’t know what those other guys did, but I’m not like them. You’re safe with me. I’ll keep you safe.” He whispered in my ear, holding me closer to him, more like a hug than him holding me down.

I melted underneath him, the hot tears that I was holding back, spilled over my cheeks, I pressed my face against his firm chest, my tears getting his shirt wet.

“T-thank y-you.” I stuttered hoarsely against his chest, my voice slightly muffled “Thank you so much.” I hugged him back. I haven’t hugged anybody in years. It feels… strange. Pleasant.

I wrapped my arms around his waist and held on for dear life. My life. The one I almost lost this night. Maybe I can have a better life, now. But I doubt it. He doesn’t care for me. He never will. He’ll leave me to die when he sees how broken I am. How damaged and too far-gone I am to be saved. I’m a burden.

To him.

To others.

To me.

 I don’t deserve to live. I never have. I’m an accident that was never supposed to happen.

But maybe, just maybe, I can let myself be happy just this once?

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