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 Chapter One:

“Papa, where are you going?” I am crying because I saw father packing his things. “Megan?” father was amazed. “You seem very amazed to see me!! Don’t worry papa, I will not tell mama about it! Promise! ” I lie.

    “Megan thanks! Can you please come here? ”, father asked me so I did.

 “You’re crying and I know why. Papa will leave and hope you understand! OK?” papa told me his last word. He kissed my forehead and he whispered,”Goodbye!” My tears fall.

   Both of us are crying.

“Pa, I now understand!”  He shocked when he heard this. “It’s because mama will not let you drink beers and buy cigarettes!” I told what I thought.

  “HAHAHAHA!” He laughed.

  “Sorry, but you’re wrong, princess! When you become 16, you will understand all – everything! Oh! Time is running! I should go!” he told me.

  After a few minutes, no one is in the door anymore.

  I ran toward my room.

  Year by year in my birthday, a statue of a pink bag was delivered for me. And it came from Anonymous. It has different designs and colors. And all of them are lovely and deserve for a girly person!

   First time that I received it, it was a pink small pouch and it was a statue. I really love it!

   But I’m not so happy in that day. That’s why I wonder why I put to my calendar a sign, “Happy day”. But when I know that it’s not really my happy day, I edit it immediately, “Happy and Confusing Day!”

    That’s weird! Right?

 Next day……..

     My mother’s friend handled mother such a wonderful gift. And mother just display it and so happy!

   “Yu won’t open it?”, I asked. She came near to the gift and said,” I know what’s inside it and I really hate it! So I just display it.”

   “I think it’s weird. What do you think?”, she asked me. “Super weird!”, I response.

  After, we have a conversation.


   Me: May I know what’s inside it?

Mother: Sure! It’s a NOTEBOOK!

Me: A notebook?

Mother: Yes! Do you want it?

Me: Yes! I want.

Mother: It’s yours now!

Me: Really? Thanks. 

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