Stevie's POV: 

Our last day here in Hawaii, It's been such a lovely break for the whole family. Well the whole family, minus one beloved elder son and his beautiful girlfriend and their gorgeous little girl. My precious granddaughter, Lindsey and I have bought a few things for her while here in Hawaii, it's pretty safe to say that I'm just going to spoil the little girl! Not to mention I've gotten Linds in the habit of looking at books, clothing and toys for little Elissa, we are so in love with her and we're so proud of Aaron accepting his responsibility and role of being a father. When Aaron comes back from Europe, unfortunately Nadine has to go back to Lebanon and take care of a few things, then she'll be coming back around halloween with Elissa and spend the rest of the year with us. I'm so optimistic about everything right now, everything is out in the open and we're all back to the close-knit, crazy and raucous family that we were before all the situations with Aaron and Ella came up. I spent yesterday with just my little girls, and did a whole heap of shopping. I'd like to say that most of it was for me, but my girls introduced me to the Ralph Lauren and Dolce and Gabbana collections for kids! Needless to say, my daughters went insane with me in buying a new wardrobe full of dresses, tights, headbands and shoes for Princess Elissa

However Ella and Theda got into an argument over what colour of a mini cabled cardigan would best suit her. Theda argued black, ''it goes with anything and everything. She's got Aarons hair Nadine said it's changed from dark to dirty blonde. Blondes suit black best!''. Ella argued Navy blue, ''She's a buckingham and it brings out the blue in our eyes''. I came in between them and said ' You girls I'm paying for everything! We'll get both''. They settled, but I have to go with Theda on the black coloured clothing comment...I raised that girl right. I think what made me proud of all of the girls was the fact that they all managed to cough up four hundred dollars to buy a black fringed rock and roll jacket for Elissa, what a trio of Awesome Aunties, my girls are obviously trying to influence this little girl to bring out her inner rocker. I spoke to Nadine and she said despite the little princess being a sweetie-pie, she's becoming quite the little diva and quite the little fashionista. Obviously taking after her grandmother...   

Lindsey and I are spending time with the kids outside, we're all just laying out on the grass enjoying each other's company, staring at the ocean. I lie on a laise chair and Lindsey sits on the grass beside me, I massage his shoulders and we're both just watching the kids talking and mucking about. We share the usual kiss, and listen to some of the CRAP that comes out of our kids mouths, but it's the most senti-mental kind of CRAP, verbal entertainment.  

'' What are you reading?'' Seth ask, looking at Ella's book. Just like her father, she's very laidback and into her books just like Lindsey.

'' One flew over the cuckoos nest'' she answers. I watch Seth scrunch his gorgeous face up into a deformed facial. 

'' You're not allowed to read that, You're eleven!'' as soon as the words spit of his mouth, I burst out laughing and Lindsey joins in with me. I catch Ella's expression and she's just as confused as everyone else. 

'' I'm fifteen!'' she spits back to him. Seth straightens his face out, and takes a moment to ponder into some deep thinking. '' Oh really?''  he looks at me curiously '' really mom?'' he ask. Man that boy's memory is about as bad as mine! '' Yes really, believe me, after all I am the one who carried her for forty two weeks!'', '' I thought it was forty weeks, nine months mom?'' she ask me. I shake my head and take off my sunglasses, the sun's dimmed out a little. '' Yes it's supposed to be. But for some reason you were stubborn and decided to stay in there two weeks longer.'' I answer her. She closes her book and I watch her eyes go back and forth to the side, doing that awkward eyeroll that she does when she's really trying to think about things. '' So I was late?'', '' Yes you were, as usual.'' 

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