Claire POV

In ran up and down the hotel hallways. Giving demigods what they needed. Food, drinks, any other stuff they needed.

I look down at my wrist-watch. I had to get down to the lobby and get my lunch and eat with David. I took the stairs since I really hate elevators. Jeff as usual was at the front desk. "Hey Claire! It's lunch time already?" He blew his blonde hair out of his brown eyes. Jeff is a demigod like me. Except his godly parent was Apollo and mine was Hecate.

"Duh! Gosh sunburn you should learn how to read a clock."

"Whoa! Miss. Emo you've got some sass. So... what have you got in your lunch?

"I'm not eight, so I don't trade anymore. Plus i made myself an amazing lunch."

"Oh Claire, young silly Claire. You think I wont have your lunch. I will have everything in life you desire! Mwwwaahahahaha!" He pulled his head back and laughed. I grabbed my lunch, and took out a twinkie. I threw it at him. He went down with his chair.

I burst out laughing. Tears streamed down my cheeks.

I looked down and checked my wrist watch. I was ten minutes late! I ran off and made it to where David was. As I walked up to him he frowned. I guess since he was a child of Athena he didnt like people coming late and stuff.

"Hey!"i walked up to him and saw someone else was with him. It was Gabby. ((Yes i will include you Gabby.)) I could tell by her really light brown hair(so light for a time i thought she had dirty blonde hair.) and wild green eyes. Her skinny hand waved and summoned water at the same time. I smiled. She's my best friend. She showed off by summoning fire and water.

Her godly parent is Demeter but she has different demigod powers. She could summon fire (Hephaestus thing) , water (Poseidon thing) , heal people (Apollo thing) , and read people's minds (my mom's thing).

All her powers made me jealous sometimes.

Of course David's only powers are well... nothing really. Just being the smartest.

"Hedge said to meet him in his office after we're done with our stuff." Gabby said playing with fire.

I became a little nervous, Hedge was small but could beat me with a bat without hesitating and i would just be without help.

"Do you know what he wants?" I asked.

"Nope but what we do know is that it's extremely important." Answered David.

Way to go David making things even more dramatic than it has to be, I thought to.myself.

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