Ch. 3

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after that shining night.

i walked to DWMA, and learn and praitice for ultra TEST.

At 8:00, kid arrived and gave me a rose, it make me feel like so loveable.

suddendly, lord death call me and kid and black star..

WTF! blackstar hollered. we stand straghtly, i still held that rose... lord death say that us had to talk with holy sword guy.

blackstar and kid blurted with experssion, HE IS NASTY BITCH WHOSE SPAM WORD "FOOL!".

lord death barked, go to HIM! we walk to holy sword... i ask kid who holy word guy, you say it bitch but look like?

blackstar tell me a mini story,

-blackstar's P.O.V.-

once a while, kid and i walking into mountians, and saw tiny fairy.

we asked fairy where holy sword? she gave us a queasy face.

we decided to walk still, suddendly we saw it.

i ran up to sword and trying to pull and wield it.

kid just hold it and lightly pull, it OUT!

he was mysteried, he but it back. i was shocking.

suddendly sword became very tiny person, it pure white and using knit collar and cane it had white top hat, i had big black eye and pointy nose.

i think it awesomely LAME! he keeping chatter about borning life about coffie in morning, blah blah.

when we talk back, he will shout FOOL! after that he turning into sword... we held it

it grow wings around us, we put it back. BITCH! SHUT THIS SHIT! GET FUCKIN HELL OUT OF HERE! we swearing to sword.

we walked away, fairy asked us, if we meet holy sword, we gave fairy a same face when she give us at first time.

-back to jessie's P.O.V-

I laughed LOL LOL LOL! are you really?! why you swear like DUMB AT SWORD!

both were grumpy at me, i think it really FUNNY AND DUMB! 

we are walking to cave...

kid and blackstar were grumpy, you will meet this DOOM!

i still thinking it hilirous.

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