° Chapter 4 Forbidden Fruit

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Damn is all could say, Angel walked down stairs and all I see was those thick thighs and that ass.

I knew Chinese was her favorite so I order that and got a movie (Friends with Benefits).

It's been two months but I'm falling hard for her. Plus she was a virgin I can't wait to get in that.

We were in my room upstairs eating and talking she was just so laid back. I know this might sound corny but I loved her personality she was goofy and loved corny jokes. I was determined   to "bless her" tonite.

We we're play fighting and it got sexually quick. She was on top of me so I moved in for a kiss.

We never kissed before I figured she never had met lips with another guy so I didn't pressure her.

I gave her a quick peck at first to see if she would kiss me back. Surprisingly she put her tongue into this innocent kiss. She might get something started. I quickly turned her position so that she could be on the bottom.

"I don't want to have sex with you" she said between kisses. Damn she hurt my pride but I wasn't planning to have sex with her.

" We're not having sex" I said as I pulled down her Pink shorts.

"I'm serious" with all seriousness in her eyes. She grabbed my hands to stop but I was stronger than her and  removed her hands from mines.

I kissed her hard and put my finger in her. She was dripping, I slowly took my finger in and out of her. Then placed my thumb on her spot I rubbed on her I heard Angel moan.

"Let me bless you" I told before she could answer my mouth sprinkled small kisses down  her spot.

I never dated a black girl before. But I knew how to "bless" a girl  . The rumors were true The darker the fruit the sweeter the juice.

"X" is all I heard Angel raspy voice  said as she kept on squirming around I grab a tight hold of her legs and ate here out like it was my last dinner. Her legs started to shake.

Oh shit She was a squirter she came all in my mouth. I removed myself from her and went to clean up.

When I came back she still looked shocked of what just happened.



" White boy where'd  you just take me" I said still in shock of what just happened.

"  On a rollercoaster and the rumors were right The darker the fruit the sweeter the juice" he said as I got up to clean myself up I couldn't even stand up properly .

"You funny, its wasn't that good I have better."

"Really because your mouth and body says different. I know I blessed you right" . So that's what he meant by "blessing me".

"Ok 1 point for white boy"

" Stay with me" he notice me heading back to the guest room.

"Ok, don't try anything" I crawled into bed with him.  He put his arms around me as a laid on top of him. I didn't even check my phone. It was now 9:00, and I had 15 missed calls by father and missed 9 text by King and Kayla.

Let me call King before he have a heart attack my dad can wait till the morning.

On the first ring King answered.

" Angel why the fuck you anit answer the phone, you better not be fucking that white boy" King yelled in phone

"Boy shut up I was sleeping and what my dad said"

"Nothing I covered for your ass"

"Thanks King and I'm watching a movie before I go to sleep Imma call you"

"Uh huh bye" He hung up. I swear King could be such a dick sometimes.

Xavier and I talked all night till it was morning. I got to know alot about him. He has 7 siblings all boys and 1 girl he's the youngest( out the boys). His sister was 3 and she lived in China. Three of his brothers stayed with him and the other 3 are married. His moms was Bisexual her girlfriend was a fem.

Before I went to sleep I told X my new nickname I gave him.

" X falling for you fast, I need you not to play with my heart or games with me cause I don't got time for the bullshit" with that he kissed me and we fell,asleep in each others arm.

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