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We walk back to the school and I ask him what class he has next.

"Ah I think Gym" he says.

"Oh then we have a class together!" I say happily.

"Cool, so should I walk with you to class then? Or would you rather walk alone?" He asks.

"I don't like being alone, so we'll walk together ye?" I say.

"Mmhm, grab you stuff and we'll head to class" With that I grab my clothes and we walk to gym together. Now he can see me gross and sweaty ah great.

We run a 12 minute run and have a game of dodgeball and I'm on the opposite team of Jeremy. Oh it's on boy I say in my head. I try to hit him but he dodges out of the way and throws one a me and I duck underneath it, it nearly hit me in the face. I then hit this girl and which leaves Jeremy the only one standing on his team and me with three other people. Blondie throws a ball and it almost hits a guy on my team but he got out of the way and the dude behind him got hit leaving two which Jeremy got them out leaving us in the game. Both our teams cheering for us on the sidelines, yelling, shouting and screaming for us to throw a ball so I make the first move and it slams against the wall.

"Nice throw babe!" He shouts across, it kinda embarrassed me but also made me blush and smile in excitement. Teammates in the side lines laughed then he threw a ball so I jump out of they way leaving me with all the balls on my side and him with none. This is my chance. I can win this. I grab a ball and huck it at him hitting the wall beside him. Darn it! He grabs the ball and throws it. The ball speeds up to my face and slams right on the side of my face and I fall to the ground. My vision was blurry and I see blonde hair rush up to me.

"Crap! I didn't mean to, oh no." He scolds himself but I can only hear it faintly. My head really hurt because it slammed against the ground really hard. Then I passed out cold


I woke up in the nurses office. My head did still hurt and I saw Jeremy sitting beside me.

"Tia, I-I didn't mean to, im so sorry!" He apologizes.

"Oww" is all I manage to say. " it's ok, I'm fine"

"No you aren't, it's all my fault" he rushes out of his mouth.

"Stuff like this happens Blondie, don't worry" I say while pushing out a smile.

"Blondie?" He questioned.

"Umm yeah, it's a nickname I made" I blush. He holds my chin with his hand.

"I like it babe" he says. "That's my nickname for you, but I got to get to class, sorry" he says then kisses my lips. It's passionate and long, I smell minty fresh gum on his breath and then he leaves. The lingering kiss still on my lips.


When I get home I text Blondie.

To Jeremy:

Uh Hi.

I put my phone away and get something to eat, I'm starving. I grab some taquitos and heat them in the microwave, then sit down and watch a movie called Now You See Me. Never really watched this movie before but ehh. My phone buzzes so I check the message.

From Jeremy:

Hey babe ;) whatcha doing?

I blush at his nickname for me. I really like it.

To Jeremy:

Aha just watching a movie, you?

I continue watching the movie waiting for him to respond. My eyes start to get heavy then I hear a knock at the door. I run and slide across the ground and answer it. It's Blondie.

"How'd you know where I live?" I ask curiously.

"Followed you home" he smiles.

"We'll that's not creepy" I giggle.

"Defiantly not, but I would've found out anyways" he says then walks in MY house. Ok then sir come on in!! I say in my head.

"So what are you up to today Blondie?" I ask.

"Having a evening with you babe" he winks.

I blush and excitement fills my body. I love his nickname he gave me, it gives me shivers of joy and makes me smile.

"Why so happy? " he notices my facial expression.

"The nickname you gave me, it excites me" I blush out and hide my face.

"No need to be shy!" He says calmly and picks my hands from my face.

"I feel embarrassed when I say I like it" I say shyly.

"We'll don't be babe" he says then gives me a kiss on my cheek. I feel my cheeks reddening and heating up. He looks me in the eyes and motions them to the couch so I sit on the couch. He joins me and moves closer every second so until we're face or face. Then he kisses me on my lips and I kiss back this time smashing my lips onto his and him returning the favour and before you know it, it's a heated make-out session that lasts for awhile until he stops.

"Wow" he says surprised.

"What?" I ask.

"That was awesome" he says sheepishly.

"Oh staph" I say and nudge his shoulder and my cheeks heat up.

"My parents will be home soon" I say while looking at the clock.

"So I should leave then?" He asks making a sad face. I laugh and say:

"My dad would freak if he saw me alone with a boy in my house"

"I can hide in your room?" He suggests,

"Not this time lover boy" I say and push his sad face away. Just at that second the door clicks unlocked. Shit shit shit SHIT! I curse under my breath and rush Blondie to my room and make him sit on the bed and change into yoga pants and a tank-top realizing Jeremy is staring at me in my bra and underwear. His mouth was wide open.

"Uh s-sorry" he stutters out looking away.

"Oh umm, no worry's" I say and slip on my clothes and rushing out of the room to see my mom standing at my door.

"Is there someone your talking to Tia?" She asks.

"Just Natalie on the phone mum" I say casually.

"And what did she say?" I know she's testing me to see if I'm lying.

"She was wondering my plans for Friday night, tomorrow" I walk to the kitchen a get a cup of water. She follows.

"What are your plans Tia?" She asks curiously.

"Mom, I am not a child so stop treating me like one, its none of your business." I say as grown up as possible.

"I'm just wondering sweetly and I'm not treating you like a child, I just don't want you to have a boyfriend like your father, you father was a ver- who is that?" She asks with a disgusted look on her face. Fuck fuck fuck I told him to stay put!! Ahhh can things get any worse?

"Diana who is this man?" My step dad says. Oh yes! Things can get way worse than they are right now.

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