My new chance for life

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Chapter 7:"Hermosa Beach"

Josh's POV:

I'm at home in my room. I'm sitting on my chair and the book is placed right on top of my desk.

It's been two days since I had the book with me and I can't keep reading it everything is so interesting.

I want to know where she lives but in all the pages I have read there's nothing about where she is from.

I really want to know so I can give her the book back. I think  she must be proccupied and worried because this book has all her life well not alll but a huge part of it.

If I had the chance of giving it back I think I would make her happy not because of my presence but the book.

I want to meet her and know more about her because I think she must be an amazing girl.

Today I will go to Hermosa Beach with Avan but I think I will take the book with me so I can keep reading.

Your POV:

Today Kate is going to take me  to Hermosa Beach. Kate has some friends here so she is going to tke me to have some fun.

But I just can't have fun not without my book. Kate is waiting for me at the front desk I grab my things, close the door and take the elevator.

As the elevator doors open I see Kate with two guys I don't know who they are but I don't really want to. As Kate sees me she walks in my direction  Kate:"Oh (YN) you ready?". I give a awkward smile to Kte ad the guys and then say:"Yes I am ready".

Kate:"Well this is Fred and this is John". Fred is a tall guy with brown hair and light blue eyes. John is a medium size guy with light blonde hair and green eyes.

Fred gives me a wink. I think he wants to flirt with me but I just don't feel like to flirt with him.

Fred:"Oh (YN) May I take your bag?" I feel a bit weird but I let him take it. Kate is talking with John and she just gives me a wink.

I don't understnd why she is doing this I really don't. I didn't ask her to bring me up a date so I can be happy but what can I do?.

We take a cab and Fred is just staring at me. All the journey we didn't speak by we I mean Fred and me but Kate and John were talking like parrots. I think Kate is in love with John.

We get out I manage to tke my bag I don't want Fred to take it. As soon we are at the beach I place my towel in the sand and just sit. Fred sits next to me and starts talking I don't pay too much attention I just give him smiles.

I want to make an excuse so I can leave Fred for a couple of minutes. Me:"Fred I think I just have to go the restroom" Fred:"Okay my I go with you" Me:"No I think I'm fine going alone".

I stand up and Just walk I see there are stores and little cafes so I mange to walk in that direction as fast as I can.

I turn around and Fred is staring at me so I start running. But after of start running I hit someone and lay on the ground unconscious.

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