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These songs we listen to songs

With 2 chainz and lil' Wayne

They aren't poets

And i know it

Cause Wayne be talking about

Losing his mind and tell him if he finds it

So he can stand under me

And he had is heart half heart broken Half not

by this woman named Tammy

And chainz saying he cant pay attention

To the cutie thats miss'n

Cause he got them new edition and there is something wrong with the line when he calls his baby's number

Cause his baby be strip'n

He be hit'n

Everyday every night

But he said

Yeah, i luv dem strippers

Yeah, i luv dem strippers

Yeah, i luv dem strippers

But why live a life like that?

Why do want more hits then my baseball bat?

Get'n hat, shoes, clothes, and more

But bitch thats why you poor!

You say you got money, cash, fame.

But you be fake'n

Blame you for that

And you have a beautiful dame

You treat her like she lame

Poor girl

Change your ways

those day will come to an end

Put a pin point in you life

Come back when its gone

And trust me when you die

You will say i, I'm sorry to all the people you hurt

So if you won't change your ways

Then i hope you end you days.

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