Love Me Forever (Jawyer♥)

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Joey's P.O.V.

Sawyer and I had just finished filming our "Embarrassing Questions w/ Joey Graceffa" video for his channel. There were some really weird questions...

After we finished filming, Sawyer asked me if I wanted to go on a walk with him, of course I said yes.

While we walked, we started talking

Sawyer: hey Joey?

Joey: yeah?

Sawyer: can I tell you a secret?

Joey: of course boy! You can tell me anything!

What Sawyer told me next made me stop dead in my tracks.

Sawyer: Joey...I think I love you...

Sawyer was gay?! And he LOVED ME?!

I stood there speechless on the sidewalk, my mouth slightly open, my eyes wide.

Joey: love me...?

I asked quietly.

Sawyer: yeah...

As I stared at Sawyer, I was at a loss for words... what was I supposed to say?

Joey: Sawyer...

Sawyer stared at me, with hope in his eyes... his beautiful eyes... I smiled as a wave of realization came across me.

Those feelings have been hidden for far too long.

Joey: I love you too, and I think I have for a long time

Sawyer grinned like an idiot as I put both of my hands on his either side of his face and leaned in until our lips gently touched.

best. kiss. ever.


so this is my first story...I'm not sure how good it is (if it is at all) anyways, tell me if I should write more! bye bye!!!~♥

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