1 bullies : breathtaking smiles

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Chapter 1:
Bullies : breathtaking smiles

Rose's POV

I hate her all she does is want to reck my life. Which she can't really because its already recked. Any way so i was in the gym warming up when little miss Erin Williams walks in with her followers behind her and starts to push me over and say stuff she shouldn't. And i can't really do anything because i dont speak. Anyway i look over to my left an see my brothers group over there laughing but i notice one boy. Im pretty shore is tom look sad shaking his head. He starts to walk over telling Erin to stop

'Why should i?' she ask sticking her chest out. Seriously shes dating my brother why does she have to flirt with every guy she sees

'Because its mean, you wouldn't like it so back of' he says standing in front of me. 'fine but this isn't over freak girl.' She says walking off with her followers behind her.

'She's a bitch isn't she?' he say helping me up. I just nod

'Im Tom by the way' he says looking at her with those amazing blue eyes I've never noticed

I just point to the roses on the wall

'Rose?, thats a pretty name'. I smile a little when he says that.

'Don't you speak?' he asks walking with me

I shake my head.

'Why not?' he ask

I just shrug

'No reason too?' he says

And I nod. ' I get like that to some times. Just no reason to talk. But I guess im not that bad' he say looking at her sideways. He somehow gets me and i hate it. I hate it. I didnt ask for him to intrude.yeah it was nice to help me but just leave me alone after. You don't have to walk with me and act like your my friend. I dont want friends because everytime i get close to someone i lose them. I hate it and i don't wanna go through that again. My life is going to be very long.

I see his friends calling him. 'Well i'll see you later rose' he says walking of.

Why does he say that i dont want to see him later. I dont need to im perfectly fine reading books but o well hopefully we won't see each other again


Tom's POV

She is beautiful. I dont care if she doesn't speak. I like her. I get her and i think she gets me. I know that she doesn't speak because of her family. Her mother died and her father ran away. So now she lives with her four siblings. One older brother that is 22 and is old enough to look after them, a twin brother, a sister thats 2years younger and a brother thats 14. I know this from every body talking about her and because im friends with her twin which they don't even look the same.

I want to get to know her better. I just hated it when Erin and her followers came and started to bully her. I wanted to help so bad and after seeing her brother laugh at her i know i had to help. See Nate is popular and he is dating Erin so he won't stick up for his sister. So i had too.

I was walking over to the boys when Nate stepped in front of me and said 'why did you do that.?' He asks

'Because unlike you i see Erin as a low life stuck up slut that picks on people she believes shes better than. And I see you sister as a beautiful girl thats had it rough and needs someone.' i say poking his chest then walking away. When i turn around i see rose looking towards us. She must of heard. Oh. Well. Only speaking the truth.

I walk passed her and say 'i meant everything i said unlike you brother im going to be there for you' i say and see she smiles and its breathtaking. I want to make her smile more often


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