Chapter 2

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As I walked back to my house, with the boys following, I could feel the massive butterflies in my stomach. One Direction was actually going to be at my house.

When I got home, I found my mother wasn’t home. I had only been gone for twenty minutes and she was already gone, leaving my four siblings at home alone. She was probably out drinking or at the pokey’s blowing all her money again. She was always doing that. I had to get a job to support my four siblings because mum would save any of her money. I walked inside and Luke, the oldest of the boys, ran up to me. “Leah, Leah, Leah!” he began to shout with worry, “We have been home alone, mums gone again!”

That’s when he saw the five boys standing behind me. Long ago, I had turned my brothers into Directioners, they even wanted to go the concert, “Wait! What? Is that One Direction?” he said, his eyes wide open.

Jessie, the middle aged brother, hear Luke scream out One Direction and soon he was in the living room too.  Jessie started fangirling and soon Cameron, the youngest brother, was out in the living room too. Claire, my little sister that was two, was asleep and she wouldn’t even know who One Direction was. “But, but how?” Cameron said, not tearing his eyes off the boys.

“Long story.” Zayn finally answered.

“Arh!” all three of my brothers said at once.

“Oh my god, Zayn Malik just spoke!” Jessie shrieked.

“Shh, shh” I try to quiet them down, “Claire is still asleep, you’ll wake her up”

After about an hour, my little brother’s finally got bored with the boys and went back to what they were doing. That meant it was only me and the boys.  “so, where is your mother?” Niall asks.

“She is ether out drinking or at the pokeys. Again. I say with disgust in my voice. “She probably won’t be home till late tonight so I will, yet again, mother my three brothers and sister.”

“We can stay here with you.” Niall says, “even if it is until midnight. We can help out with the kids.”

“No, you can’t do that.” I say.

“Yes we can, and we want to.” Niall pleads, “Please, let us stay. We love kids and with our lifestyle we never get to see any and well you have three brothers’ here”

“And a sister. Claire is still asleep.” I say.

“Yay, and how old is she?” Niall asks, interested.

“Um, two.”

“Cool, she is still a baby.” Niall happily says.

Our conversation was interrupted when everyone heard crying. “Claire is awake.” I say looking at Niall.

“Finally, I can see her!” Niall says excitedly as he starts to run around the house looking for her. Then he stops and walks back to me and the rest of the boys. He puts his head down in embarrassment, “Um, ur… where is Claire?”

We all burst out laughing at Niall. “Follow me.” I tell him.

I thought I was excited about One Direction being at my house but Niall seemed more excited to see my little sister. I opened the door and found Claire in the crib. Niall has a huge grin on his face at this point. Niall runs up to her and picks her up so he can hold her.

After a few hours, mum gets home at 10pm. The boys are still with me even though I persisted on them to go. Mum walked up the driveway, swaying from side to side. She had been drinking again. “Hey!” mum slurred out, “best time of my life,” she continued to slur out.

She would say the same thing every time she was drunk.

After about an hour of my mum being abusive to me and the boys, I had enough, I shouted at her. My little siblings were in the next room hiding under the bed because they were so afraid. “Why on Earth do you do this? It is stupid and pointless. You are stupid and pointless!” I yelled at mum, while waving my hands around.

After I yelled that, mum walked away. It took the boys about an hour to calm me calm.

“You can’t stay here. You just can’t. I know what it’s like, my mum was the exact some” Niall confesses to everyone.

“Well what am I supposed to do?” I ask.

“Come with us,” Niall says to my surprise.

“What! I- I- I can’t” I was back to not getting everything out properly. Niall Horan just told me to come with him and the boys and live with them.

“Yes you can, you can’t stay here. You are a- Wait, how old are you?” Niall asks.

“16” I fill him in.

"Yes, you are a 16 year old girl, not a mother. Please, come with us.” Niall pleads.

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