The Ride

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Part 15

Narrator: ok so Chresanto took everyone to a special place but no one knows what it is or where it's at nd they hear screaming so they open the doors and...

Fans: (screaming)

Tatyana:Where are we and why are all these girls screaming ?

Tahmaya: OMG did yhu take us to a August Alsina concert? Thank yhu Thank yhu Thank yhu soo much Chresanto!!"

Chresanto: haha umm no its not an August Alsina concert its a Mindless Behavior concert

Jacob: ohh yea we do got a concert today haha I forgot

Rayan: yea I did too

Craig: Bol so did I

Chresanto: how y'all forget a concert in yalls own city? smh y'all need help lol

Kierra: so yhu guys are really famous? Why didn't yhu tell us?

Rayan: because we wanted to see how yhu guys acted before y'all knew we were famous because most girls would only like us for our fame..

Tahmaya: well as yhu can see we are not one of those girls lol

Jacob: yup your not so congradulations on having our hearts forever

Tyezhe: yayyy lol now back to this concert.. where are we gonna sit?

Chresanto: your actually gonna sit on the stage with us while we perform!

Tatyana: foreal!! what will your fans say?

Chresanto: oh they'll be a little jealous but will cool them off but yhu might wanna disguise yourself after the concert cuz the paperazzi will be all over yhu..

The Girls: OK haha

(They all walk up to the building)

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