A Year Later

Imani POV

I woke up like I did every morning and got Cameron ready for preK.

Me- Cameron you got your bag

Cam- yes mom

Me- come on then

We got to the school and I walked him to his class

Me- bye baby

Cam- bye mom

He got out the car and went inside the school and I drove back home.When I got inside and I decided to fix me some coffee.

*30 mins later*

The doorbell ranged and I answered it to a very angry Ray with Alana

Me- hey what's up I was expecting you til 12

Ray- seething happened at the trap

I grabbed Alana out of his hands

Me- Rayan I thought you was done with that , you know you can be a rapper

Ray- rapping a side chick , dealing is my main

Me- which one was I ?

Ray- baby you is dealing I would deal you all day

Me- mhm. Bye Ray and tell Bria I said congradulation

Ray- alright
(A/N: Bria pregnant)

Me- you want some breakfast mamas

Lana- yes mama

I cooked pancakes , bacon , eggs , and grits for lil one and me

After I was done cooking I set her plate in front of her

I sat down with her and started eatting my food

Lana- momma where Cam ?

Me- he's at school sweetie

Lana- ok

She finished her food and jumped from chair and went up the stairs to her room

Ok Im not gonna lie to you guys ... I miss Ray with all my heart or whatever but I just dont wanna get hurt again. You guys been there and saw what he has done to me ... you can tell I have trust issues with him. 

I admit that I was kinda hurt when I found out that Bria was pregnant .. but something tells me that isnt Rays baby ... as for a fact when he found out at the time that she was pregnant I heard she was messing with some dude named Lo around the time she got pregnant , I didnt say anything about it because its not my business and I may be wrong 

Lana- mama

Me- yes baby 

Lana- can we go to the park 

Me- yeah sweetie I'll call aunt Jas ok

Lana- otay 

I called Jas up and asked her if she and bella would meet us at the park 

Me- ok see you there 

I hung up the phone and got dressed .. ( external link and comments / Cameron outfit in there too

Me- Lana come one sweetie 

She ran down the stairs and hopped in my arms

We got in my jeep and pulled off going to the park

When we made it to the park and I saw Jasmine and Bella by the swings 

Me- Hey 

Jas- Hey whats up 

Me- nothing much really just the usual getting Cameron to school and Ray dropping off Alana after his weekend 

Jas- oh 

Me- girls go ahead and play 

They over back the swings and got on them 

Me- can I tell you something 

Jas- yeah 

Me- is it wrong that I still have feelings for Ray 

Jas- I would expect especially after everything you guys been through 

Me- I know its just that , when I found out that Bria was pregnant I was jealous but I didnt want to show it to him

Jas- you need to let him know 

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