Chapter 8

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Hey guys so this is the longest chapter I've written! Its 3394 words!!! :O OH MY GOSH I KNOW RIGHT!?! So I somehow found time to update! 

Yea I know crazy right? Well my life is pretty crappy at the moment so I hope the chapter is alright well read on lovies!


"So this is it..." Harry trailed opening the front door to his flat. Louis walked in behind him silently. He looked around at the slightly messy house. He could tell it was small but perfect size for the porn star. Louis gave Harry a small smile as he walked further inside.

"There's only one bedroom, I'll take the couch." Harry spoke instantly. Louis scrunched his brow at him. He didn't want to make Harry sleep on the couch when it's his house.

"No, it's alright, I don't want to take your bed from you. I'll sleep on the couch." Louis insisted. Harry shook his head.

"No it's fine.  You're the guest you get the bed." Harry nodded down the hallway to where Louis assumed was the bedroom. Louis glared, he didn't like arguing.

"No I-"

"We'll share it then" Harry sighed. Louis giggled blushing at the fact he just giggled in front of his boss. Harry couldn't help but smile at how adorable Louis was. As much as Harry didn't want to admit it he liked the idea of being able to snuggle up to Louis, Louis just looked so cuddly and soft. 

"Well I'll show you to our bedroom then." Harry smirked reveling in how he could make Louis blush so easily. Louis took a deep breath before following Harry down the small hallway to the bedroom. The door was pushed open and Louis took a look around. The bed wasn't made, but the room itself was fairly clean for a 19 year old man. 

Louis looked around at the small dresser pushed against the wall and a floor length mirror leaned up beside it. There were hair products and deodorants all over the top of the dresser. It was cluttered but a neat type of cluttered. 

"Sorry it's a pig sty in here, I meant to clean last night but Zayn came over and well, i couldn't clean with him here." Harry admitted. Louis wanted to ask him who Zayn was but he didn't want to be rude. So he let it slide. 

"Could I maybe borrow a T-shirt? I couldn't grab any before we left." Louis sighed the feeling of being homeless covering him. He didn't really think his plan through. He didn't have clothes or anywhere to stay so how was he supposed to start over? Harry felt bad for the shorter lad, he had nothing and here he was being a filthy rich Porn Star. 

"Of course, here." Harry spoke going to his dresser and pulling out a grey V-neck shirt. He also grabbed some sweats for Louis as well. He handed them to the lad and nodded to the bathroom across from his room.

"You can take a shower if you want I'm going to make some tea and watch TV" Harry informed turning and walking back out of the room. Louis sighed looking around once more. He hated being a burden and that's exactly how he felt right now in Harry's house. But he pushed those feelings aside and went to take a warm shower.


 Harry paced back and forth as he called Paul. He had to come up with a good excuse for missing the next three days of work. On the fifth ring a man's voice rang through the other end of the phone.

"Higgins" Paul spoke. Harry licked his blood red lips before he spoke, making the lie sound as believable as possible.

"Paul?" Harry croaked, making his voice slightly more gravely. Paul groaned when he heard Harry's voice, he knew he wasn't going to be happy by the end of this phone call.

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