Meeting you

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"Kaila, you're ready? Come here." Said my brother Sonny. He had to blindfold me before I could get out of the car because I was unmated and it was a tradition that we unblindfolded unmated wolf in other pack so they would replay their first ceremony of coming of age were they were suppose to find their mate. I had failed my four first ceremony and even if my brother kept saying to me that there was less and less pack to try and it meant we would find him soon, I was really septic. After all there were less and less pack to try in our geographic area... It was really rare that our mate were out of those area but it still happened.

My brother had been more lucky then me, it's true he hadn't found her in his coming of age ceremony, but in the same year, a girl from an another pack came and my brother recognized her then just a second before she would, as she hadn't began her scan by looking his way. I saw everything, from my brother who still now can't believe he haven't finished his sentence he was addressing to me (he can't remember we were talking), to her reaction to his growl when he realized she wasn't looking at him and their glowing eyes, their smile, their joy, their relief... Sabina has been, since then, my step sister. She was actually making the road trip with us and she would present me her parents cause they were in this pack. My brother had already met them of course but I hadn't had the chance yet.

'What do you want to eat tonight?" She asked me casually to change a bit my mind. "I really recommend you our fish, it's delicious. We are as good with our fish that your pack is talented with steak." Mmm, steak...

"I'm hungry" I told her instead.

"Soon enough honey." Sabina assured me. My brother wouldn't say a thing, he considered his role was to massage my shoulders and to guide me to the main hall without letting me accidentally kill myself while his mate's job was to talk to me. The main hall was 'empty', I quote it cause the better term would have been crowded with only mated wolf, unmated ones were already in the ball room or were going there while avoiding the main hall. My brother unblinded me. The main hall was white, big and the ceiling was really high, we could see from here the second and the third floor. Otelia, my wolf, was beginning to be really impatient and irritated. My brother took hold of my shoulders, this time to gain my focus. "It doesn't matter if you don't find him now, we won't fail, you will find him eventually. Otelia I'm talking to you too."

"You better leave her alone" I grimaced "She says that if you seem so confident that finding a mate is so easy she would gladly kill yours... sorry" He took a deep breath to prevent himself from harming me "You should just go in the ballroom." Out of a sudden urge, I hugged him really tightly before turning myself to face that stupid door... and I opened it. Even if I knew what I was to see at the other side of the door, I couldn't get used to it. Less then half the persons would actually look at me, but yet, even newborns were present just in case. I gaze around in a first turn but saw no one. Okay, no surprise, I felt nothing. If it was just me, I would run away now and find a place where to cry out my soul, but as there was Otelia too, she was insisting I would look attentively at every person present, may it be boy or girl, old or young, whatever, as long as I knew for good my mate wasn't here for sure.

The first time, my reaction had been to be feeling deceived and a bit hurt, the second time I had felt sad and hurt, the third time I had prepared myself and I was't surprised, the fourth time I had felt like our Goddess had forgotten me, but this time I was feeling so much despair I was suffocating, as if I was in a cell. I dissolved in tears and my brother went straight to my rescue. It was so hard! I had enough of this! Trying to find him was serving nothing! He was a myth!

I realized the room was now plain silence and the atmosphere was a bit heavy. Their Luna came toward me and my brother. She stretched out her hand to me "Come little wolf, we will take care of you." My brother encouraged me by pushing me away toward her so I took her hand and she guided me to their table. It was a really great honor to be invited to their table but I wasn't in the shape to really enjoy it. Luna was really kind to me. She was using a reassuring voice and she fulled my plate with more fish and meat that my brother and I would be able to eat. "Your brother is Sabina's mate isn't it?" "Yes" I answered her. She began to talk to me about my step sister, stories of her youth. I actually began to calm down, to accept the fact that I wasn't to find my mate today.

After the supper there was music and dances and my brother asked me the first dance. After that first dance I loosed my brother because he went straight back to his mate and even if he really likes me, he would never choose me over her. While I was going back to the alpha and beta's table, I heard a bickering.

"What is the point of being treat as a rogue if you still act as if you could just snap your finger to make me come back to you!?" shouted a man's voice. "You may be my child you have no right to talk to me like that!" shouted the Alpha and it made me stop in my procession. "You are no more my Alpha and I wonder if you can still call yourself my father! You made me a rogue!" yelled the first voice in pure anger. "Want it or not I am your father! I told you to come and you should have obeyed me much earlier!" "You're no more my Alpha there is no point in listening to you!"

As curiosity killed the cat, maybe it killed the wolf too as I decided to see the Alpha's son so I began to walk again. 'It's him!' screamed Otelia in my head 'It's him! It's him! It's him! He's our mate Kaila! We found him!'. I was so surprised I was completely frozen. 'Say something or he won't see you! Shout something! Now! Growl! DO SOMETHING!' tried Otelia to snap me out of it but I couldn't, I was so unprepared for that.

"I may not be your Alpha anymore you are my son and you are suppose to listen to your father!"

"Is a father suppose to treat his child like you do!?" to that the Alpha reacted by growling at my mate and it is that that unfrozen me. I growled at the Alpha. Many around had began to growled at my mate so my growl passed without notice.

"You! Never talk to me like that again or you will regret it!"

"And you wonder why I never come when you call for me!?"

The Alpha motioned everyone to stop growling but I didn't, I wasn't growling for him but against him. Surprised, he turned to see who was still growling and when I met his eyes, I showed my teeth. If it was something he could barely accept from his son, it was something he wouldn't accept from an invited wolf. He began to growl in a really frightening way but I must be suicidal as it only made me growl louder. "MINE!" I heard from behind the Alpha. That powerful voice made me forget about the scary Alpha, it is as if the Alpha was just a little bug on the floor. My mate had recognized me.

He wasn't cute, he was sexy. Dark messy hair, wild green eyes, tall, very very well built. Otelia was focusing on his hands, his buttocks and his crotch. We met at each other half way and he kissed me possessively. "Do you never ever dare not be at my side ever again!" he ordered me making me smile, shall he never dare do that too. He lift me to a table and kissed me again, he put my legs around his waist and I clearly felt his manhood and I moaned in his lips.

Then the inevitable happened, the reality came back as a hard puch on our face: somebody emptied a bucket of cold water on us.

"At least take a room" said the Alpha with a smile.

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