Ch. 2

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we walked into meeting, Lord death asked why we just wear cowgirl/cowboy outfit?


blackstar whimpers and covered in blood, okay i will left you alone, giggles. POW! kid blows his fist.

blackstar is actully fainted.

kid were hugged me, kid tell lord death that we on date and we are boyfriend/girlfriend. kid smiles.

i close my eyes, it cute when he smiles.

lord death talked about mission, maka, soul CHECK. kid and liz and patty CHECK.

blackstar and tusakani CHECK. jessie, um you not part of this mission. I walked up to him seriousisly.

WHAT IS MISSION? i spoke firmly. he reliped, get leaves of wishing tree in underworld, he showed that picture.

it same tree i saw in my dream!

i looked to lord, i am key to held leaves!

how? he looked at me.

i described him, my vision.

i walked and looked at that tree and touch it i became raven and i wield leaves to became POWERFUL bird. 

i looked at kid and my soul swishing into kid's soul.

he became corba...

he spits his tongue many times, he is black and yellow corba. yellow belled and black back with white stripes on mane.

his eyes glowed with redness and blackness, he blow a wild scream.

Lord death were shocking, you are real creature that belong to kid's soul!

each creature had in meister's soul, their form is bird or human but true creature inside their soul, only actived when it connect with meister's.

that mean i am raven and true creature is CORBA?! i were shocking, kid still hugging me.

lord death started to talk about underworld.

you guys had to beat hydra to unlock gate,

ride reaper's boat,

kill cherberus,

face hades,

wield leaves, wait, one BIG RULE, anyone can't wield leaves expect true creature like jessie.

if other person wield it, it will killed all true creature! 

kid's eyes grow wider, NO ONE WIELD LEAVE TO KILL MY LOVE!

he hugged me tightly.

meeting dismassed, lord death called.

we walk away. it 10:00 at night... kid ask me if i mind ride his blimp to paris for ferris resauntant for dinner.

i reliped, bring me back by 12:00. kid take my hands and jumped on blimp.

blimp was fast floated above america, we saw kansas, i yelled it my homestate, kansas! we saw texas, kid tell me that he going to go to texas for vacation. 

we saw south carolina, new jersey, new york. 

finally we above ocean, we saw ton of seagull flying around. i was distracted by seagulls.

i looked at germany, sweden, italy, france!

i looked at kid, he is using tan tux shirt and black bow, it so CUTE! he looked at me and smile again.

we waited for blimp to landed...

we jumped again.

we walked to restauntant...

we sat in ferris wheel, it awesome!

we chatting a lot, and eating delicous food.

then we ride back to home, it my best day ever!

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