I'm Done

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A/N: listen to Say Something

Niall sat down staring out the window. The rain gently tapping the glass. His chin rested in his hand as his dull blue eyes watched everything and anything.

Liam stood a safe distance away from the blonde boy. His eyes filling with tears as he watched Niall sit there. He knew Niall was mad at him, angry even. Liam didn't blame him, he would be angry too.

"Niall please, can you please talk to me. Say something, say anything. Say you hate me. I just want to hear your voice again." Liam cried. Niall didn't budge, his eyes followed the couple outside walking hand in hand, stealing a few kisses here and there.

"Please Ni. I understand you hate me. Can we just please talk about it?" Liam took a few steps closer letting out a few sobs. Niall turned around and stared at Liam's face. No emotion. He stood up and started walking away.

"Niall!" Liam cried, grabbing his arm, "please let's just talk about this!"

"I don't hate you, Liam." Niall started. Liam's head shot up and he was disappointed, Niall didn't call him "Li" but "Liam". Niall never called him Liam.

"Yes you do Niall! You haven't spoken to me for the past week!" Liam was getting choked up from all the tears.

"I don't hate you. I'm done with you." Niall stated. No emotion in his voice, just a simple 'I'm done'.

Liam's heart stopped. "W-what?" Liam asked, his eyes widening. "Niall, you're my best friend, my boyfriend! What do you mean you are done?"

"We're bandmates and that's all we'll be. I'm done with everything. I'm sorry if I hurt you in the past. I guess this is my pay back, right? I'll have my things out in the morning. Thank you Liam, for everything. Goodbye." Niall finished, clearly holding back tears that were threatening to fall.

"No Niall! You are not leaving!" Liam cried. He pulled Niall in and kissed his lips just to have Niall push him away.

"Stop Liam!" He shouted, the tears finally slipping. "I'm not a toy you can just throw away and take back when you want!"

Liam fell to his knees, curling into a ball and rocking back and forth. He spent all night on the floor, not getting any sleep. It wasn't a nightmare. This is real life, he's gone. Liam couldn't cry anymore, his tears were gone and it was all his fault.

"WHY!?" Liam shouted. "IM SO STUPID! I HURT HIM! I DIDNT DESERVE HIM!" Liam began punching the wall. "I'm sorry," he cried, sliding down the wall. The house was empty. Just Liam and the furniture. Every trace of Niall was gone.

Sorry for that. It's just my mood right now.

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