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Pen Your Pride

chapter 12

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KRISH (cont’d)

genius. As long as I have explosive

I cannot lose to anyone.


    Get out of my way!

Keven starts laughing like a demon.


You don’t get it do you? You’re

surrounded by mine bombs. If you

even take a step you’ll be blown to



I’ll tell you one more time. Get

the fuck out of my sight.


One does not simply insult a genius

and live to tell about it.

Krish throw rocket bomb at Kjay.

Kjay throw his katana between him and Krish.

Kjay jumps on the katana to dodge the rocket bomb.

Kjay jump on Krish and pierce through his heart with his



I see. You used your katana as a

foot hold.

Krish dies.

Kjay takes a few steps ahead.

Kjay sense a bullet coming toward him.

Kjay dodges the bullet with a quick footwork and throw his

knife at the bullet incoming location.

Matt Lavoie falls from the tree and dies instantly.


Another useless piece of shit!

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