The Picnic

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He walked me to a little blanket on the grass. I looked over to my side to see a small basket. He picked up the basket and sat on the ground. I sat down beside him. Suddenly Mitch came up from behind us and handed Jason a guitar. When Jason wasn't looking I saw Mitch glare at him. You could see the hate in his eyes. Mitch walked away disappearing in the darkness. Jason strummed the guitar into a sweet song. He sang Home by Phillip Phillips.

(I'm to lazy to write the lyrics)

"That was beautiful!" I said happily.

"Not as beautiful as you." He said leaning in. His lips were inches from mine. I thought I was going to faint. I knew what I had to do. I leaned in. Our lips touched. We stayed like this for about a minute. He pulled away smiling.


We ate our sandwiches and talked about life. I told him about my family and how my dad and mom died in a plane crash. He told me about being a popular youtuber. I looked at my phone. It was 10:30 already.

"Hey. Can you take me home? It's getting late." I asked.

"Sure." He answered.

We both walked to his car and got in. After about five minutes of riding he turned and looked at me.

"Wanna spend the night at my house?" He asked.

"Sure. Just let me get my stuff."

~Time Skip To My House~

I walked in and opened my door. I walked to my room and picked up Enderman pajamas, a outfit (on my Polyvore), and some other things. I ran through my house to my door. I shut the door and ran to Jason's car. I hopped into the car and buckled up.


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