The guy in the room

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Jordan's pov:

It was all Part of his plan he just wants to ruin everyone's life every since my ...... Never mind .

Taylor's pov: your what Jordan

Jordan's pov: can I trust u of course with anything Taylor exclaimed well four years ago my mom past away and that's when he started abusing me then it got so bad he would take little girls that looked like my mom and toture them because her death tortured him !

Taylor's pov: that's terrible Jordan replied but I like you , you remind me of her but I have to tell you one more thing what he will probably do is take someone u love he will kill them and then feed them to you and then he will make u compete for your live but no one has ever won cause if u win u get to go and u can tell the police !!!

Taylor's pov: well he already fed me my best friend I started crying into tears just thinking of it but I stopped I wanted to show Jordan I was strong he came over and gave me a hug.

He then said do you wanna know why he put you up in this room with me yes I exclaimed scared but curious I'm your coach for these games! Excuse me I said your dad is a pig I can't believe this I know Jordan replied this is terrible. Then we heard a knock on the door it was Eric he shouted at Jordan did you. Tell her yet? no Jordan said calmly well you better hurry up and tell her. Eric left and we lied down on the bed and it feel asleep in his arms! I was to drained to even ask what he was talking about!

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