My new chance for life

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Chapter 6: "The book"

I'm t the bed of the hotel room staring at the ceiling and Kate is sleeping like a baby. I want to sleep but I really can't sleep.

I just can't stop thinking that now  I don't have my book and I have also failed my mission for the second time. I really miss my book it was the only thing where I could express my emotions plus all my life is in there.

I'm just trying to pretend this was just a dream but I can't fool myself. I really need my book and now is mybe in some  hands that won't give it the right place or maybe it is now in the trash I don't know.

Well I guess I have to get some rest and tomorrow may the odds be in my favor so someone finds it and gives it back.

Josh's POV:

I am now at home but I can't sleep I just can't. I keep thinking about the mute girl and her book how she is feeling right now, without her precious and valuable book.

All night I have been thinking of opening the book. I think maybe I'll now more about her and where she lives so I can deliever her personally the book.

But if I open it I will be an intruder in her valuable possession. My mind keeps thinking "The book, the book, just open it".

After couple of minutes I decide that open it it's a good idea not because I'll know where she lives? , also because I'll now who she is?

I get up my bed and take the book. I turn the light on sit back on the bed and open the book.

I read the first page and it says: " Well today my father died years ago and just today mom has decided to bring Henry home I don't really like him, he treats mom like rubbish and that makes me angry. I really don't know why she is doing this to herself and to me"

Me:"But she...didn't look like the type of girl who suffers?" I want to keep reading, now I want to know every single detail of her life.

I skip pages and go right to the middle. I start reading:"Well today was another day of living in hell Henry and mom fighting and the school now thinks I'm  the sad girl who has a miserable life they don't know even my name they just pass next to me and avoid eye contact with me. I think I want to die now the only person who supports me now is Kate my best friend the only girl who talks with me. And well Josh gives me the strength but a problem is that  he doesn't know I even exist"

Me:"Yeah I know now and I think I might be in love with you"

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