This is a ridiculously long chapter (and the next chapter that I post will be the same chapter but from Tom's POV) but I'm extremely happy with this chapter and I hope you all like it ^_^


Chapter 9:

I woke up to a banging on my front door and constant phone calls. It’s Christmas Eve, as well as my birthday, and everyone in my family is calling to wish me a happy Christmas and 23rd birthday. After seven phone calls and at-home visits, the conversation became virtually the same:

“Happy birthday, Alice! And Merry Christmas!”

“Thank you and merry Christmas to you, too.”

“How’s school going?”

“I’m graduating the first week of January, actually.”

“Oh, you’ll have to let me know so I can send you something!”

“I will, thanks!”

After a few days of being on set fetching water bottles, tea, coffee, and wiping Tom’s sweat, the next few days off are much needed. I slept until 9 this morning, took a 45 minute shower, and started reading a book before getting ready for my family Christmas dinner at my parent’s house. The dinner has always been very formal so I put on my black and gold one-shoulder dress and a pair of black heels. My freshly cut hair is too short to curl in the back but the front is long enough to put in a few curls, so I do. Just as I’m finishing my hair off with hairspray, my doorbell rings.

“I’m coming!” I shout as I hurry to the door, slowly due to my shoes. I open the door and a tall man with curly black hair, holding flowers and a rectangle wrapped in red with a gold bow is standing in my doorway. It’s Tom.

“Happy birthday, darling,” He says as I open the screen door for him to come inside. “You look absolutely ravishing.”

“Thank you so much but uh- what are you doing here?” I close the door and cross my arms over my chest to warm up from the brief exposure to the cold winter air.

“I came to give you your presents; both Christmas and birthday. It’s not every day that one of my best friends celebrates their birthday on a national holiday!” He hands me the flowers and the wrapped present. It’s light and I guess it’s a movie.

“Oh, Tom, you-you didn’t have to-“

“I know, I just remembered our first conversation and I wasn’t about to forget about your birthday just because it happens to fall on Christmas Eve. So, I got you two presents.” He smiles at me and my heart melts from how touched I am. “Now go on! Open it!” I laugh at his goofy two-year-old self and set the flowers down to open the gift.

My suspicions were right—it is a movie. The Jungle Book on DVD.

“Your favourite movie, right?” I ask.

“How did you know?”

“Remember, I’m a fan. It’s my job to know these things.” He looks impressed and I walk over to him and hug him. He’s so warm and smells like a fancy men’s cologne but I can’t place which one it is. No matter, it smells fantastic. I breathe in the scent and cherish his warmth. “Thank you, Tom.”

“Anytime, sweetheart.” I feel a kiss on top of my head and fan-girl inside my head before coming back to reality. We end the hug and I take the flowers into the kitchen to be place in water. “I was hoping that maybe we could watch it together—the movie, I mean. I mean, if you want to.”

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