Chapter 7

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I wake up to the sound of birds chirping and a branch lightly hitting my window. Okay, I'm lying, I woke up to laughing and screaming from the two people that I love very much. I groaned and rubbed my eyes. What I saw in front of me was actually pretty weird.

I had my favorite breakfast, waffles with syrup and butter in the side of eggs, on my bed. Did they not know I was clumsy? I could've threw this to the floor by moving so much when I sleep. Then I saw Jason on his knees laughing while Jocelyn was on his back with a comb in her hand singing on the floor. I smiled and got off the bed slowly that way my breakfast won't fall.

I yawned and stretched. Then for some reason, I went on Jasons back, too and he landed on his chest groaning. Jocelyn and I laughing still on his back. He told us to get off and we did, covering our mouths to stop laughing.

If you were wondering, I didn't tell them about Justin giving me his number. Heck, I don't even think he gave me his number. All I told them was him kissing my cheek and my mom being a weirdo. I know there my best friends and they keep secrets but if one of them were in my position and told me they had Justins number, I know I would freak out and tell almost everyone I know without thinking.

"That hurt, you know.", Jason groaned. We were giggling and helped him up. "Thanks for bringing me breakfast." I smiled and they just looked at me in confusion. "Oh no, that was your mom. Were not that kind". I rolled my eyes and pushed them off the bed. All I did was laugh while holding onto my stomach.

After a few minutes of laughing and talking, we all went downstairs so I could heat up my breakfast. Jocelyn and Jason went to the living room to watch a movie that was on. My mom was in the kitchen washing the dishes.

"Morning mom", I smiled and pecked her cheek. She smiled, "Morning honey, did you enjoy your breakfast?". I shook my head, "Oh I haven't ate. It got cold, thats why I came down here to heat it up."

She nodded and smiled. I put my food in the microwave and let it heat up. After a few minutes, it finished and took it to the living room. We were watching Never say Never, like always, and laughed because Justin lied about not yelling back home and showed clips of him yelling. I smiled and ate. After that, I gave it to my mother and thanked her.

"Don't you have to call somebody?", she winked at me while I was confused. I realised what she was talking about and I blushed. "Oh, y-yeah", I smiled. I went upstairs to my room to get my phone and the crumpled up paper. I got them and added Justin to my contacts. His name was 'Justin._.♥♡♥♡'. Too many hearts,  I know.

I still can't believe I have Justins number. I mean, out of all the girls he met, he gave me his number? Probably gave other girls his number but I don't know.

What if this number is fake?

What if he just pranked me and it was TMZ's number?

What if he gave me Maria Yeaters number .

Okay, that last thought was just too funny to do to one of his beliebers, but oh well. I tapped the 'Call' button and it led to a familiar ringtone. The song was 'Runaway Love'. I smiled and waited for his answer until I heard the familiar voice I've been hearing for 4 years.



Has anyone heard Alone yet? It's amazing!  I'm getting the tickets to Justins movie tomorrow!  Gee, I've been waiting forever! Anyway sorry for any mistakes I made. Bye xx ~Casey♥

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