My Not So Great Career

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“My Not So Great Career”

 Iloilo Domestic Port – Iloilo City

 Finally, after a 2 day trip, the ferry docked in the Domestic Port of Iloilo at exactly five in the afternoon. I disembarked from the vessel, find my way through the local public transport terminal and took a cab. I told the driver to find me a cheap place to stay in for a few days or so.

Pahayahay Pension House – Iloilo City

 The place is actually quite nice. Clean and serene, with a few occupants relaxing in the lobby chairs. I stand before the glassed-in manager’s window. The receptionist (probably in her late 20’s) was a pleasant-looking rotund lady, reading a Kris Aquino magazine.

Receptionist: “Hello, may I help you?”

Me: “Ah, uhhmm --- actually I kinda need a place to stay in for a few days, so…”

Receptionist: “So you need a room?”

Me: “Exactly, can I have the cheapest one?”

Receptionist: “It is still available, but I can’t give you that one---”

She paused for a second and gave me a sorry look.

Receptionist: “Well, frankly speaking. I can’t really give you any room. We don’t allow minors, to check-in, without a parent or guardian to accompany them. I’m really sorry.”

Me: “Please, I just need a place to stay in for a few days. I won’t be any trouble. PLEASE.”

Receptionist: “I’m really sorry kid, we have rules in here, that we have to---”

 I cut her off.

Me: “Would you rather let me sleep outside? In the streets? In this time of day? Take my chances out there? What’s use of the rules, if it will cause hell on someone? Please, you’ve got to give me a room. I won’t be any trouble, I promise.”

 She didn’t respond. She just stared at me, looking sorry. I guess that’s it. I started to leave the place.

Receptionist: “Hey, kid!”

 I turned around and looked back.

Receptionist: “Its Two hundred pesos a night, a fifty peso key deposit and one hundred peso cash advance.”

 I strolled back at the manager’s window. She slipped a key through the gap at the bottom of the glass.  

Me: “Thank you very much.”

 Pahayahay Pension House – Room 77 – Iloilo City

 I entered my room. It’s a quaint Spanish style single-bed room, but equipped with modern air-conditioning and a heater for the shower. They also have these eccentric wooden carvings in the wall that I can’t understand. The room is also facilitated with a mini fridge and a television, all this I got for only two hundred pesos a night. Man! What a bargain.

 For the first time in my life I was free and was still terrified. I sat on my comfy bed, pulled my backpack over, and then counted my money. Bills first, then change.

 After paying for the room I had only two thousand and one hundred twenty four pesos to my name ---- and twenty five cents. Now what, genius?

  I really need to find a job or else --- 

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